How Can I Save My Child from Online Bullying?

Bullying Online


There is no doubt that online bullying has become a huge problem for the world as well as the parents. Government in many countries are taking measures to prevent cyberbullying. But they have not been really successful. Rather, it has grown over the past few years due to the wide use of social media, the internet and dating apps.

For parents, it is a serious challenge to save their children from cyberbullying. It can be said that to some extent the kids are also a reason of online bullying. Kids share so much details on the internet and social media which make them prone to the bullies. They become an easy target for everyone. So to handle, we have created a list of measures that all parents should take to save their children from cyberbullying.

Ways to Save Kids from Online Bullying

Dealing with online bullying is not really easy. It requires a systematic approach to follow. Below are the guidelines in a sequence which must be followed by the parents and kids to make sure they are not bullied and are safe.

  1. Report the Issue

Kids should not hide the issues. It becomes worse when the children do not share issues with their parents. Rather, they need to be active and report any bullying incident with the parents who should report it to the concerned authorities and the police.

  1. Keep the Evidence

The second step should be to gather the proof and evidence. As the kids are bullied on the internet and social media, they need to take screenshots and save the information. It will be helpful to share the evidence with the police and when the issue is reported. Kids will be safe then.

  1. Do not Respond

There is a need to ignore the bullies and what they say. It is a fact that they try their level best to excite the children and hurt their feelings in multiple ways. But parents need to train the kids and tell them to not react or respond. Let them do and they will feel helpless when you do not respond.

  1. Warn the Person to Stop

Here comes another useful idea which can prevent bullying to a great extent. The kids should be careful and warn the person to not do anything again. This may have a good effect on the bullies as they will become careful that the issue can be reported and they may face a trouble.

  1. Reduce Internet Use

It is really important to understand that the internet use is the major reason why teens and kids are bullied. When this use will be reduced, the bullies will not have any chance to do so. Moreover, the kids will not face them again. Kids will feel secure and more confident with the less use of the social media and the internet.

  1. Protect Your Information

It has been seen that the kids do not protect their information online. They share too many details, photos, pictures and locations. Sharing these details makes them vulnerable to the bullies and such people find a chance to have their targets. Parents should guide the kids when it comes to protecting information on the internet and the social media.

  1. Use Parental Control

There are a number of other options except what we have talked just above. Nowadays, the smartphones come with parental control features. These options allow the parents to reduce the screen time of their children and restrict internet and social media use. Parents should use these options in order to keep their children safe from the bullies.

  1. Deploy a Spy App

Lastly, the parents need to know about the good Cell phone spy app. There are many in the market nowadays. The spy apps work as the best digital tool to protect the children from bullies. Spy apps have parental control features which help parents keep eyes on the social media use of the kids. With this, parents can protect their kids from online bullies.


It goes without saying that cyberbullying has grown over the years. Many factors are responsible for this. It can be prevented if the parents follow our guidelines and take the necessary steps to protect their children, the data they share online and other information. Issues should be reported and parents need to be careful too.

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