How Can Commercial Cleaning Help Combat the Threat of Office Illnesses?

Commercial Cleaning Service-Negosentro | How Can Commercial Cleaning Help Combat the Threat of Office Illnesses? | Winter is approaching and so is the cold and flu season. Every winter, millions of employees are forced to take time off work due to illness. Many of these sick days could have been prevented with an efficient commercial cleaning company. This year, avoid those wasted sick days and potential loss of revenue by hiring a commercial cleaning company and let them take care of employees and visitor’s health.

Here are the top five reasons why businesses should hire a contract cleaner to prevent the workforce from being ill this winter.

Gets Rid of Germs

The quickest ways for germs, bacteria, and viruses to spread is through dirty and non sanitized items and areas within the office. If someone is carrying something nasty and has not properly washed their hands, they can swiftly contaminate the entire building, without even knowing they are doing so.

Regular cleaning of surfaces, desk items, door handles, and anything else that is regularly touched is the best way to keep those germs at bay. However, during a busy working day, this is typically the last thing on employees’ minds.

Don’t take the focus away from the really important daily tasks and allow contract commercial cleaners to take care of this for you. They have expert knowledge of which areas to concentrate on, many of which others forget about.

Commercial cleaners are also equipped with the best products and tools for the job and know how to use them properly, ensuring the best results without the worry of contamination of cleaning chemicals with skin or food.

Taking The Bins Out

While getting rid of general waste and recycling may just seem like a ‘tidying up’ job, it can be so much more than that.

By only changing bins when they are full means anything that is honoring germs can be left for days to sit in the office, allowing them to breed and spread.

Used tissues, disposable coffee cups, bottles, and anything else that comes into close contact with the user needs to be removed as soon as possible to prevent this spread.

Commercial cleaners will empty bins daily and get rid of this contaminated waste, they will even spray and clean these bins regularly to completely eradicate bugs from the area.

As dedicated as staff are to keeping their work stations clean, very few will be this committed to their bins and their cleanliness, let the professionals of commercial cleaning Cambridge show you how it’s done.

Keep An Eye On Stock

This year more than ever, everyone is using cleaning products more than ever. Regular cleaning stations at work are reminding staff to sanitize hands and wipe down their desks.

However, without these products readily available, many can easily forget to do their part. Commercial cleaners can keep everything stocked in these areas and be on hand to order more when supplies run low.

Air Quality

Something that is often overlooked in the office is air quality, as it gets colder outside windows are closed and the use of air conditioners and heaters become more frequent.

The systems and their filters need to be properly attended to before being turned on and during the duration of their usage.

Dust, germs, and other pathogens can quickly build up in these systems if they aren’t properly looked after. Once they are turned on, these systems can start to blast germs around the office, potentially causing damage to every floor and room, leading to an even wider spread of bacteria.

Commercial cleaners can attend to this for you, with the right skills to ensure they do not interfere with the workings of the system.

Mental Health

It isn’t just the physical health that needs to be looked after, the mental health of employees is just as important. 

An unkempt, dirty environment isn’t going to motivate anybody and with increasing numbers of people suffering from SAD in the winter months, it’s important to attend to mental health needs.

Removing the worry of getting ill, especially during the pandemic, while presenting a clean, welcoming work environment will increase productivity among staff members, while also reducing the need for them to take a mental health day.

Poor mental health can lead to poor physical health if not properly addressed and looked after, which can lead to even more days being missed in the office.

By hiring a commercial cleaning company, they can ensure standards are upheld and even exceeded. It also shows staff that you truly value them, their environment, and their health which can boost morale.

This winter, don’t aspects of the office let staff become ill, especially when they are so easily addressed. Investing in a contract cleaner is one of the most important elements business owners can do to ensure the safety of their staff, visitors, and clients.

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