How Can Call Tracking Help Your Marketing?

call tracking | How Can Call Tracking Help Your Marketing? | If you want a successful business, you’re going to need a marketing plan so you can raise brand awareness. Successful marketing will bring customers to your business and allow you to increase your revenue. 

If you’re looking to up your marketing campaigns, consider investing in call tracking. Call tracking software allows you insert a tracking number into your advertisements (whether it by on your website, social media, radio advertising campaign, or more) so that you can see which advertisement got your customer’s attention. 

Call tracking can provide you with crucial information that allows you to know if your advertisements are working or not. Companies such as Avidtrak ( make call tracking simple. 

Here are some of the different ways you can use call tracking. 

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are a great investment these days. Mobile ads are specifically designed to appear on webpages and in apps on cell phones and tablets. They are dominating display advertising, usually in the form of banners that appear in unobtrusive places. Sometimes they might also pop up as a video ad when people interact with certain applications. 

Call tracking allows you to use different phone numbers on your mobile ads while still allowing the calls to get directed to your team. From this information, you can determine the campaign that caught the caller’s attention, the date and time of the call, where the caller is located, and how long the call lasted. 

Generally, companies assign one number to each mobile ad. You can then run different ads at the same time and track which ad was more successful. You’ll figure out if your customers prefer banner ads or video ads and which websites or apps are best to run your ads on. 

Offline Ads

Are you using print, radio, and television ads? Offline advertising still works and is a great way to generate customers, but if you’re trying to figure out which offline ads are working best, invest in call tracking. 

You’ll be able to choose from multiple toll-free or local tracking numbers. Those calls then get directed to your team. Analytics can then be used to determine which offline ad generated the most attention, where your customers were calling from, and when they called. If you don’t answer the phone in time, you’ll still receive an email alert with the analytic information. 

Some call tracking systems even allow you to record an automatic greeting (which you can use to keep customers on the line if client representatives are on another call), record phone calls, and block spam callers. 

Something to be aware of if call tracking offline ads is that you’ll still receive phone calls even after stopping a campaign. Sometimes people might take a photo of your flier or quickly jot down your number while listening to the radio and not call you for several weeks later. For that reason, it’s always best to keep a phone number active for several weeks after stopping an offline ad campaign. 

Keyword Tracking

If you’re ranking high on Google, there is a chance your phone number will appear when people are searching for specific terms. If you already know what some of your high-value search terms are but are trying to figure out which one people are using the most, call tracking can help. 

Call tracking numbers can be assigned to paid searches and SEO keywords. Analytics can help track clicks from searches, display searches, and referral searches. Call tracking can then help you determine not only what customers are clicking on, but if they make a phone call afterwards. 

To determine how many tracking numbers you would need, first look at your Google Analytics to determine the hourly traffic rates of your searches. From there, purchase at least one number per visitor per hour. 

Analytics can help you determine which pages serve as entry points to your website and which pages prompt customers to call you. If you’re not sure if tracking the phone calls that are coming from your keywords would be helpful, you can always ask if a company would provide you with a free trial. A free trial will help you determine if the analytics you’re gathering are useful for future marketing campaigns. 


You already know marketing is important, but if you’re ready to improve your analytics, it is time to consider some form of call tracking. Call tracking can provide insight to your customers and what ads or keywords prompt them to call you. You can then use these analytics to build your next marketing campaign. 


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