How A Smart Home Is Better For Your Business and the Environment in These Times

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Negosentro | How A Smart Home Is Better For Your Business and the Environment in These Times | Connected coffee pots, thermostats and entertainment systems are slowly becoming the norm in many households and business buildings. These simple items are now outfitted with smart technology. Bluetooth and WiFi components give these products access to the Internet. In this virtual realm, you can control your household with the touch of your smartphone or tablet. Smart technology isn’t all about convenience, however. You can save money and improve the environment by integrating the devices into your business. Explore the many ways that smart devices are changing the world.


If you have appliances and other electrical items that are a decade old or more, they’re probably pulling more power from your electrical grid than today’s products. A smart home typically uses less electricity and the same applies to a building that utilizes green technology like commercial solar installation. In addition, new devices have advanced circuitry that does not require a lot of power. A lighting system with LED bulbs may use a fraction of the power that older bulbs use, for example. You may pay more for these gadgets up front, but you save a lot in the long run, and you help save the environment as well.


Improve your company’s finances by controlling your building’s power use down to the watt. Install a smart thermostat, and certain models “learn” your habits. If you forget to shut off the air conditioning one day when there’s no one in the office, the smart thermostat will follow it’s learned algorithm and deactivate outside of business hours.

Because your building will have an exact temperature almost any time of the day, you save money on energy costs. Less coal is burned to generate the electricity for your office as well, having the additional benefit of saving the environment. 


In the past, security systems were clunky items that required closed-circuit televisions and landlines. Today’s systems are completely different. Smart home and office security gives you flexibility with Internet connections through your phone. The components are affordable along with the service contract. 

Connecting security systems to your smartphone was one of the first innovations for smart technology. It saves you money from a service perspective, and it’s priceless as a protection element for your company. 


There’s no need to be concerned about price when it comes to smart technology. Although there are some pricier items on the market, most manufacturers want to spread their products out to the mainstream. In fact, technology continues to drop in price. Look for gadgets that are one or two years old. Their functions are just as useful as the latest models, and you’ll save some money.


New developments in construction will often have smart technology built right into the beams and drywall. If you have an opportunity to invest in this type of building, it will pay back with a high value in the future. Modernizing your current business is an option. A lot of gadgets are wireless, so running wires won’t be such a chore. In either case, you save money with the gadget installation and use.


Reduce your use of electricity and harm the environment by controlling your kitchen appliances through smart devices. Coffee pots, for example, can all be controlled with a smartphone app. There’s no need to let something simmer all day when you can activate the appliance whenever it’s necessary. Many new appliances know when to shut themselves down. This makes the kitchen a safer and more efficient room in your office’s employee kitchen. 


Save money and the environment when you attach your lighting system to a smart device. Automatically control the lights or remotely change them from your smartphone. Any Internet connection gives you access to the entire building’s lighting system. The building will always have lights on during regular business hours and be off when no one’s in the office. 

The Bottom Line

Don’t worry about outfitting your entire building with every gadget available today. Start out small with a thermostat or energy-saving light bulbs. Get familiar with the technology, and then you can add another device. At some point, every device will connect to each other as you gain better control over the building while also helping the environment. 


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