Home Essentials for a Safe and Secure Household

3 Repairs and Upgrades You Should Consider in Your Home Home Essentials for a Secure Household
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Negosentro.com | Home Essentials for a Safe and Secure Household | The most important criteria for a complete home are ensuring safety and security for the family and children. It’s not always possible for the house owner to be quick in action in all emergency cases. Such a scenario requires prompt planning and security arrangements to make homes sturdy and safe. A safe house must have everything from a proper security system to a well-equipped network of fire or smoke alarms to ensure the occupants’ safety.

In a 2018 survey taken among 1000 citizens in Australia, one in five people revealed to have faced burglary incidents – attempted or otherwise. Moreover, the rate of dangers regarding smoke or fire is also on the rise. With that in mind, below are the safety essentials every house needs.

  1. Security System: A good network of CCTV cameras covering the home’s vital areas is very important. Cameras that can have an overview of the house can alert the owner of dangers lurking anywhere. The cameras should also cover the main roads around the house to get sight of any suspicious activity.

Door cameras are also a fine addition to the home security arsenal. A good network of security cameras will have full coverage of the house inside and around.

  1. Fire and Smoke Alarms: A new study of fire accidents shows that house fires kill more Australians than natural hazards. Shocking numbers show that more Australian citizens have died from preventable fires in residences between 2003 and 2017 with smoking materials being the most common cause.

So there can be no doubt that a proper and interconnected smoke alarm system is a must-have for a secure home. A standard and accurate smoke alarm network can foresee any danger regarding fire and ensure that no burning material is left unchecked. The house would be safe from fire getting out of control and safeguard occupants from breathing smoke.

Here are some additional safety measures around fires:

  • Make sure all larger rooms have extra smoke alarms.
  • Residents should carry out proper maintenance as per the recommended guidelines. 
  • Ensure there is accurate placement of the alarm systems to increase their effectiveness and reduce the risk of late warnings.
  • Have a plan of action ready in case the alarms get activated.
  1. Fire Extinguisher: This considers the possibility that fire may spread or smoke can cloud up a room. So, it would be necessary to have one in case that happens.
  2. Neighbourhood Watch: It’s a good idea to let close neighbours know if the residents will be out of town or are away for a specific period. An extra pair of eyes on your home will never fail to be a precaution. Night patrols are also better for closer-knit communities as this makes sure no one lingers around during improper hours. A tight neighbourhood watch can create a community of households that is impossible to penetrate.
  3. Safety vaults and First Aid: Strong and heavy metal safes for valuables and a first aid kit in case of any health emergency should be a priority standard for home safety.
  4. Sturdy Doors And Windows: Strong locks and proper thick frames allow windows and doors to resist physical hits and make them stronger.

Home safety is not something to be taken lightly, considering the present-day scenarios. A secure home would ensure the occupants and families’ safety and bring peace of mind to the occupants. It’s wise to be prepared in advance than wait for the worst to happen to start taking actions against hazards.

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