Hobbies That You Can Turn Into A Business

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There is an old saying which says “happy is the man whose job is also his hobby”. It’s no wonder then that so many people want to turn their favorite pastime into a business. If you have a passion, it’s only natural to wonder whether you can get paid for it. Lots of people are starting to do just that, turning their hobby into a full time career. Others are managing to make a bit of cash on the side from their pastime. If you’re interested in getting paid for your pastime, here are some ideas for hobbies you could turn into a career.


Do you enjoy making your own jewelry? There are lots of options out there for people who enjoy making necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can buy a wealth of different beads out there or even make your own. You can make pieces to order by advertising on online platforms such as Etsy or have a stall at local craft fairs. Since handmade jewelry is very popular, you can easily make a profit.


If you love children and enjoy helping them to learn and stay entertained, becoming a childminder is a great way to make money from the things that you enjoy most. There is always a high demand for childcare since more parents are going out to work full time, so you are sure to do a roaring trade.


Whether you love writing blogs or novels, you can easily make money from your writing hobby. There are lots of online platforms which are looking for freelance writers to create blog posts and web content. Alternatively, you could start your own blog and make money from advertising opportunities (not to mention benefiting from free products). You could even write your own novel and publish it yourself on Amazon.


If you love dogs, cats and other small furries, you can make money from your hobby by offering yourself as a pet sitter, dog walker or dog groomer. Lots of pet lovers have gone down this route and done well from their new business since more people are looking for someone to care for their furry friend while they go on vacation or head to work full time.


If you have a good quality camera and some talent, you can easily set yourself up as a freelance photographer. You can also sell your own photographs online through marketplace websites like Etsy.


Do you love boating and have a boat at your disposal? If you live in a coastal region which tourists often visit you can use your hobby to your advantage by taking visitors out on tours of the coastline or on fishing trips.


If you love working with wood and have some talent and skill, you can easily make some money out of your favorite hobby. You can produce furniture to order as well as artistic pieces which can be sold at local craft markets or online. You can also make pieces to order. All you need is the right tools for your project and you can get started on making a profit.

Web Design

If you’ve made your own website and really enjoyed the experience, it might be tempting to make a career out of it. You can start by making websites for your friends, family and loved ones and then when you’ve built up a portfolio you can start advertising your services and applying for freelance jobs on online forums. You’ll soon be making a business out of it.

Video Editing

Do you enjoy compiling and editing videos and photos? If so you could break into the professional editing field. You may need to enrol in a class however there are also a number of free tutorials and training resources on the internet which can help you to hone your skills before you start freelancing and applying for jobs through online marketplace.

These are just some of the hobbies which can also become a full time job if you’re prepared to put in the effort. Whichever is your own passion, it’s possible to make money from something that you truly enjoy.

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