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We understand that writing a resume is hard. We went through the pain of writing our own resumes as well. This is why we ended up building a state-of-the-art online resume builder which makes crafting a professional resume a breeze. Content, design, formatting… it doesn’t matter what’s troubling you. You’ll be done with your resume in no time! Don’t believe us? Read on and know about Hiration:

Making Resume Building a breeze!

  • With ~150 pre-written content templates written by industry experts and tailored to your profile, never run out of words that will wow the recruiter. Just customize the pre-filled templates as per your own contributions and you’re done!
  • Access to 25+ premium resume designs. With a 1-click Change Design feature, see how your resume will look like in a different design in a second – the content remains undisturbed. Send unique resumes everywhere!
  • Our unique Line Spacing feature which allows you to uniformly increase or decrease spacing across the entire document in a few clicks. No more sending resumes which are 0.5 or 1.5 pages in length. Send a full-bodied resume as it should be!
  • Create unlimited copies of your resume in a single click and customize each version for the specific job listing. Don’t commit the mistake of sending the same generic resume everywhere. Spend no more than 5 minutes tweaking each copy of the resume as per the target job description of your choice and see those interview shortlists go up like crazy! And if that’s not enough, there’s no cap on the number of times you can download your resume in a recruiter-friendly PDF format. 
  • Add visual and infographic elements to your resume including custom images, charts, graphs, career timeline, etc. 
  • You are a 21st century professional. Move away from the paper document and send a digital resume. Get a shareable link of your resume and send that everywhere. Update it on the fly as you make new contributions to the workplace. The time to carry a folder for your paper resume is passe! 

Post Resume Extravaganza:

  • AI Review: Once you’re done with your resume, just switch on the Resume Review mode. You’ll be presented with point-by-point feedback of your resume within seconds. Your dream job is closer than you think!
  • Want to get your resume reviewed by someone you know? Share a link so they can comment and you can incorporate the recommendations – all at the same time! 
  • Cover Letter Builder: Once your resume is done, use our cover letter builder containing cover letter templates to fashion a unique cover letter for yourself. 
  • Job Board: It’s time to put that professional resume to action! A never-before-seen single platform consolidating resume building, cover letter design and job application. Search for jobs on the basis of region, preferred salary, etc. and apply from within the portal!
  • Personal website builder: Host a personal website of your own on our platform. Move away from just a resume and showcase your portfolio and contributions before the new-age recruiter. 
  • New Features: Our tech team is hard at work on developing path-breaking new features as we speak – features that will revolutionize how resumes are made and how the recruitment process is done. Features that will use the latest advancements in tech to deliver an unparalleled experience for everyone involved in hiring. Stay tuned! 

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