Are you a hipster? The three tell-tale signs

Are you a hipster - Negosentro

Hipsters not only look the part, but they also take good care of themselves – from the inside out. 

A healthy approach to life characterizes the young and young at heart in the realm of inveterate cool.

If you’re a hipster, you don’t need to advertise it. Being hip is a state of mind that imparts an inner and outer glow. Your hipster qualities show without being showy. But in case you need a little lifestyle guidance, hip dudes and gals live by three key rules that tell the tale as they tell all:

You’re a weekend brunch goer

Brunch is the most important meal of the day when the long-awaited weekend rolls around. Hipsters enjoy being seen while taking part in the scene of the city’s coolest cafes and brunch hangouts.

Smashed avocado on artisan-crafted spelt bread and single-origin coffee or freshly brewed herbal teas are menu musts.

Hipsters always attract like minds, so brunch gatherings at the hippest urban or neighborhood restaurants and meeting zones are best appreciated with a bunch of equally hip brunch-goers. 

Cold-pressed is the best for your creative juices

The concept of cold-pressed in the healthiest fresh juices to coffees and olive oils help keep your hipster juices flowing. Certified organic, no added nasties and farmers’ market fresh is the only way to go with your liquid intake. Overriding respect for environmentally sustained produce, for the producer and all-important fuel to energize the mind, body, and soul of your inner hipster is de rigueur on the drinks menu. 

No additives and only the health-imbibing and reviving fruits of Mother Nature will do for hipsters who know that to look the part they must radiate a natural glow. How to spot a hipster on their home turf? Not only by the artfully designed interiors, of course, but also by the state-of-the-art juicers and blenders taking pride of place among their immaculate kitchen hardware.

Vaping for the makings of taste and relaxation

Hipsters extend this yen for fine-tasting fuel and the art of sociable relaxation with a preference for vaping.

Hipsters exude confidence and self-control, and this is reflected in their healthy approach to having fun and savoring premium tastes.

Vapestore provides the means to be seen in the hipster scene. Vaping is gathering steam or, should that be vapor, among the cool crowd who know how to let loose and enjoy life. But the hip set also aims to stay healthy, save money and enjoy the fruits of the tastiest e-juices while avoiding harmful substances. 

Vapestore offers vape pens and advanced personalized vaporizers (known as MODS) and all necessary accessories and extras for savoring the fine art of vaping. A vaping device consists of a mouthpiece, battery, cartridge that contains e-juice or e-liquid and a heating device that is also charged by a battery. 

E-juices are offered in a range of quantity sizes and an array of taste-tempting flavors to astound the senses and savor on the palate. Banana ice cream, blueberry custard pie, cherry cali cola, milk n’ cereal, OJ smooth, chocolate milk or melon madness – anyone?

Vapers will believe all their meals have come at once with the flavorsome selection on offer. Best of all, vape liquids have minimal kilojoules, so hipsters can savor the refreshing flavors while retaining the innate qualities of hipster-worthy trim, vim, and vigor.

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