Highly Lucrative Pitching Ideas on Online Marketing

Professional online Marketer

Negosentro.com | Digital marketing is a gigantic and truly fascinating field. When pitching ideas for online marketing strategies, there are a million and one directions you could go. But how do you know what’s right and what’s not? Here are some tried and tested tips that will help you navigate this creative minefield and create successful pitches.

1) Do your research

Whether you’re pitching a guest blog article to an established site or pitching a social media campaign to your in-house boss, make sure you do your research first! Research the site where your blog is going to go so that you know the ideas you are pitching is suitable, relevant and haven’t already been done a thousand times over. Research the customers that you are trying to attract and research what your competitors have done in the past. The more you know, before you start, the better and more relevant your pitch will be.

Research also comes in handy for the pitch itself. Back your ideas with data that not only supports your pitch but makes it impossible to refuse. Make it easy for them to say yes to your pitch by backing yourself up with tangible facts and figures.

2) Keep it real

With so much content available online these days, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and tempted to just throw any old rubbish out there to fill the gap. But consumers (and marketing professionals) these days are sophisticated. They can smell nonsense a mile off. Make sure your pitches and content are relevant and offer value to readers. Take it easy on cliches and industry buzzwords and although most subjects have already been written about somewhere already, try and be original and innovative wherever you can.

3) Think about your customers

Every part of a digital marketing strategy should have the consumers and customers in mind. So whether you’re selling pet friendly holidays in NSW, a ballroom dance class for old age pensioners or a Tai Chi retreat in the desert, everything should be for the benefit of the customer. For example, if your target audience is 70-85 years old in retirement homes, don’t pitch an idea about a multiplayer app game!

From your choice of words to the colours and imagery used, your target audience should be front and centre in your mind as you make all of your creative choices. Check out this treadmill running machine page online, their easy navigation on the website helps consumers easily switching between different pages. Make sure you use a vibrant, crisp and elegant website template.

4) Make it interactive

Today’s online consumers are sophisticated and eager to get involved. Be innovative with your pitches and try and come up with ideas that require the consumers to get involved in the campaign.

Omnichannel marketing is fast becoming popular and is most certainly a big part of the future of digital marketing. Pitches and ideas that involve an omnichannel approach will be well received and probably even prioritised in future. For omnichannel marketing inspiration, check out big companies like Disney or Starbucks.

5) Mobile is king

Desktops are so last season. Everything in digital marketing is now mobile. Online marketers are highly aware of Google’s new Mobile First Indexing system and know that mobile sites and mobile marketing are the keys to success.

Whatever you’re pitching, make sure it’s accessible by the mobile device, better still make it specific to mobile devices. Apps are often favourite for online marketers as they allow companies to gather invaluable data on their consumers. Pitching anything involving Apps will increase your chances of success.

Mobile marketing has also opened a lot of doors when it comes to targeting local customers. Any pitches that can capitalise on Google Maps Optimisation tools and Geo-Location Tagging will be well received.

6) Social media is here to stay

Whether you like it or not, there’s no denying the power of social media. Kylie Jenner used social media alone to generate $420 in sales in just 18 months and since then, every digital marketing guru has been trying to find a new way to do the same thing. Innovative social media marketing strategies can be absolute game changers so if you’ve got any ideas that involve Facebook, Snapchat, Linked-in, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Gab, Viber or any other social media channel on the ever-growing list, they’re worth pitching.


The digital marketing world is constantly changing. In order to create successful pitches, do your research and stay on top of current market trends. Remember that the dominant generation in the consumer market is the millennials so your marketing strategies need to resonate well with this demographic. Make all your ideas mobile-friendly and focus on interactive and omnichannel experiences to stay ahead of the curve.

Whatever strategies you come up with, make sure they have your target audience in mind. Even the most innovative and clever ideas will fail if they don’t resonate with your consumer base.