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Mark Palmer, Negosentro |  Being interested in a job that is both high-paying and in-demand is beyond ideal. However, the jobs in this elite club change significantly over time, so it’s important to look ahead and estimate which jobs will continue to be desirable and lucrative in the future. For the foreseeable future, these are the highest paying in-demand jobs.

Coding and Web Development

It should come as no surprise that many of the current jobs that pay well and are in high demand revolve around technology. Coding and web development is in high demand, especially coding, which is required in jobs across all industries. Skilled web developers familiar with different coding languages can make $87,000 annually or more.

Web developers can work for themselves, for web design firms or for individual companies or organizations. Many work on a freelance basis and take jobs directly from a number of different clients. Aside from having a solid knowledge of code, web developers also need to have a creative eye and know what aspects make a successful and attractive website.

This career does not even require a college degree in some cases, as a skilled web developer can find work so long as they have an impressive portfolio. You can receive special training, such as to become a UX developer or for any number of other coding languages and software. You can also obtain a college degree in computer science, design or a related field.

Upper-Tier IT Roles

Companies need solid information technology to keep their businesses running, and they need IT managers to keep that technology working. IT managers are solidifying themselves as important members of upper management due to the business world’s increasing reliance on technology. IT managers are responsible for overseeing all computer-related aspects of a business. They troubleshoot problems, make decisions about hardware and software updates and communicate about technological subjects with other, non-IT employees.

Information security is becoming increasingly important in today’s world too. These specialists are paid well – typically over $90,000 per year. An information security analyst looks at an organization’s cybersecurity and then evaluates risk and offers suggestions for improvement. They also may come up with and implement cybersecurity measures. This career only requires a bachelor’s degree, unlike many other high-paying careers that require doctoral degrees.

Both of these closely-related careers pay good money and are expected to be highly in-demand over the next ten years. In some companies, both roles might be rolled into one, so it is important to have a solid understanding of cybersecurity even if you simply want to go into IT. Both roles can also be performed on a consulting basis.


The doctor has long been one of the highest-paid professions in America and continues to be so. They are especially in-demand in rural areas, and because many medical students want to go into a specialty, general practitioners and family doctors are in heavy demand. The job of a physician is to diagnose medical conditions, recommend treatment and inform patients about their health options. There are also a handful of physician specialties that are significantly in demand and make considerable salaries.

Radiologists perform diagnostic imaging examinations for patients. This can include X-rays, MRIs and other forms of diagnostic imaging. They typically work in hospitals in a full-time role. Radiologists have some of the highest salaries in the healthcare field, with a whopping $286,992 median annual salary.

Like radiologists, anesthesiologists are also a highly-paid and in-demand specialty, with annual incomes around $208,000. They are responsible for administering anesthesia to patients about to undergo surgery. They must have very careful attention to detail and a solid understanding of math to administer correct dosages.

While money may not be everything in a career, it is sure a dominant factor. Technology and medical jobs reign when it comes to the highest-paying, in-demand careers in America, although there are other options such as upper-level marketers and attorneys. If any of these careers sound interesting to you, look into pursuing them.

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