Here Are 5 Great Jobs You Can Do If You Learn A New Language 

Here Are 5 Great Jobs You Can Do If You Learn A New Language CSPO certified professional Study Skills Preparing for the LSAT Study Abroad In business-feasibility-study, feasibility-study | Here Are 5 Great Jobs You Can Do If You Learn A New Language | Learning a new language is always a great idea, regardless of your age. Not only does it keep your memory sharp, but it also enables you to consume a variety of interesting media, whether that’s literature, cinema, or music.

However, one of the main benefits of learning a new language is that you become eligible for a wide variety of unique jobs, which you wouldn’t have been qualified for otherwise. For instance, if you would like to be a part of international organizations like the UN, then proficiency in a variety of globally recognized languages will increase your chances of getting a job profile by several degrees.

Here is a list of excellent jobs that you become eligible for when you are proficient in more than one language.


As most of you may have already guessed or thought about, when you learn a new language other than the ones you already know, you become eligible to work as a translator. As the world becomes more and more globally connected, the demand for translation services and the want for interpreters is increasing enormously. Whether it’s celebrities, politicians, diplomats, or others, translators are an essential part of all international proceedings. Translators and interpreters help bridge the gap of communications and convey what someone is saying to people who do not understand the speaker’s language. You can find such people everywhere, starting from concert stages, courtrooms, and even organizations like the UN. 

Teacher / Tutor

Once you have learned a new language well, you become eligible to teach others this language as well. The want for language teachers is high, and if you know a language, you can earn quite well by either working as a classroom teacher, in an educational institution, or as a tutor, either online or offline. However, to work as a full-fledged teacher, you require specific credentials and qualifications. So, if you don’t have them, the job profile of a tutor will perhaps be more suitable for you. For students, online tutoring is an excellent way to earn part-time while exercising your language skills. 

Liaison Officer 

Many people think that a liaison officer works just like an interpreter or translator, but that is only a part of what they actually do. Liaison officers are a very important part of meetings and discussions, which are occurring between two parties who do not speak in the same language. They help bridge the gap between two nations or parties which are linguistically and culturally different and distinct, by sparking communication and enabling the exchange of information. Basically, they act as the binding agent that helps build a solid and long-lasting relationship between both parties. Liaison officers have to be well-versed in the languages being used, as they have to make sure that everything is communicated as intricately and accurately as possible, as mistranslation or something getting lost in translation here can be very risky. 

Field Researcher 

A lot of projects all over the world, whether it’s scientific, historical, or commercial, require detailed information and first-hand information from people of a certain country or countries. Such knowledge and information cannot be gathered through secondary sources such as the internet and calls for detailed field research. Field researchers must go up to people and speak to them, ask for their opinion and gain required information through open communication. In monolingual countries, where the population speaks primarily one language, or in countries where the common people aren’t well-versed in English, field researchers who are proficient in two or more languages are necessary. Since some amount of field research is required in pretty much every kind of project, those engaged in such jobs earn heavily. 

Tour Guide 

If you’re a traveling enthusiast and you like to interact with people, then learning a new language will make you eligible to work as a tour guide. Tour guides help guide foreign tourists around and explain the various elements of a country or area’s history, customs, and more. Without tour guides, traveling and touring would become near impossible! Due to the almost essential nature of their job, reputed tour guides and guide agencies are highly-paid and receive several perks as well. Tour guides are one of the pillars of tourism and travel industries all over the world, and working as one is a rewarding and fun career. 

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