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Learning how to grow a small venture into a multinational corporation isn’t just a goal; instead, it is a necessity for its economic well-being and survival. There are a lot of things business owners can do to get their businesses beyond the sustenance level. The same tricks can be used to turn a small business into an income-generating powerhouse that every entrepreneur envisions. With a little planning and investment, here are a few growth strategies that other businesses have used and experienced an unmatched success.

Penetrate the Existing Market

The thing that probably crosses the mind of every entrepreneur interested in growing their venture is how to get new customers. Many business owners often forget that their existing customers are already the best bet for growing their venture and increasing its sales. It is a lot easier to persuade your existing customers to buy more from you than to find new clients and persuade them to transact with you. The trick is to focus on ways to encourage repeat purchases.

Extend Market Research

One of the ways of growing a small enterprise is to make its services or products available to everyone in the target market. Consider opening stores in different locations and consolidate its presence online. A new business location can be virtual like in the form of an online trade store. A different approach is to extend market research through marketing campaigns and increase workplace efficiency through HR software for small business. After identifying a market, advertise your brand through select media that target the addressable audience. You may want to use social networking platforms as an advertising media for a brand that focuses on a younger demographic.


Of course, bringing in new customers to a business has never been an ineffective approach. Asking the current customers for referrals is an easy way to achieve this. Offering exceptional customer service and quality products and assuming that the current customers will pass the word about a brand may not always increase its customer base. Instead, ask for referrals from existing customers.

Participate in Trade Shows

Another superb way to grow a small business is through trade shows. The shows draw hundreds or thousands of people who have already shown interest in your services or products. Turning them into loyal customers is a lot easier than convincing someone who isn’t interested in a product or service similar to yours to buy from you. However, the trick is to plan and hold a trade show wisely and seek the perfect fit for your brand.


Similarity plays a critical role in successful business growth through service and product diversification. With diversification, an entrepreneur wants to focus on related needs on market segments or already established markets with similar characteristics and needs. For example, a craftsman can sell frames along with framing services. An auto garage might switch to selling road safety equipment to try to extend its customer base.

Conquer a Niche

The strategy of conquering a niche market works as the analogy of the gigantic fish in a small pond. The pond is the niche market, which refers to a group of customers. Business owners should think of their customers as part of the market whose needs are not met and try to focus on meeting any unmet needs. For example, a home design business can focus on treating windows while a kindergarten can specialize in roses.


A handful of entrepreneurs have over time become well-heeled and established due to franchising their ventures. Entrepreneurs who feel they can create a system that can make others duplicate their success can capitalize on franchising as a strategy to take their small ventures to the next level. Growing a business doesn’t take magic. However, don’t let these growth strategies overwhelm you; instead, pick a few ideas that are suitable for your business growth. Though you may not experience instant growth, whichever growth strategy that you choose will yield results if you stick with it.