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Being healthy does not just occur outside the work environment when an employee is at home or at the gym. Health also happens whenever your employee is at work and sitting in their desk working on different projects. If you have a lot of full time employees, they spend a good amount of their time at the office working. As an employer you have the power to positively impact your employees by encouraging them to live a healthier lifestyle. When you have healthy employees they will be more productive and you will not have to worry about employees getting sick or burned out from working long hours.

Here are some great tips to start creating a healthier work environment:


If you work in a desk environment, the struggle to stay active can be a major problem. It is so easy to sit down and start working and then realize that your eight hour shift is over. Movement is important to a healthy lifestyle. This does not just include maintaining a healthy weight it is also about keeping your cardiovascular system and immune system healthy.

Keep some weights or treadmills in the office. If you have the resources you can even start a gym in your office that employees can use when they are on break or at lunch. Encourage your employees to participate in local races or health goals.


If your work has a break room or offers in house catering you have the option to provide healthy options to all of your employees. Instead of offering just caffeinated drinks, you can offer a variety of healthy drinks including water and non caffeinated options.

With catering or a break room stocked full of food you can choose healthier options that are not just junk food. Choose food options that are healthy, instead of chips and fruit snacks you can buy oatmeal, yogurt or fruit. If you cater food you can always opt for vegetarian or vegan options for people who are trying to follow a certain diet. If that is not an option you can always try for healthier food options for employees.


The work environment is comprised of things from the onboarding process to how different teams interact with one another. There are certain steps that can be taken to make sure that the environment is healthy and not toxic.

Having a good set of rules and a well thought out system will help keep communication open. Avoiding a hostile work environment is important and not micromanaging employees will help them build trust with you as their employer.


By law you are required to give employees a certain number of breaks for how long they work throughout the day. But breaks are more than just the minutes that they have for their lunch break. It also includes the number of vacation days that they are allowed, the amount of PTO they are given and the amount of sick days they are offered.

If employees are not given an adequate amount of holidays or days off, burnout will happen. This usually ends up with an employee getting sick or having to take several days off to regain their strength and come back ready to work. This costs the employer time and money because a job is not getting done. This burnout is avoided when employees are keep happy and healthy.

Mental Health

If your mental health is suffering, your whole body will suffer as well. Encourage your employees to have regular mental health check ups with their general practitioner. If an employee needs to see a therapist allow them time to meet with their therapist, this might mean having them come in later or leave a little earlier than usual.

When your employees are mentally healthy they will be able to handle stress gracefully and be able to be more productive and creative. This will help improve general morale and increase the flow and management of work.

What are some ways that you keep yourself and your employees healthy at work? Share with a coworker or friend to spread the word.

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