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I recently got interested in rhythm games after I tried one on my friend’s phone and got addicted. It’s so fun and really entertaining way to pass the time. Unfortunately, when I first started looking for the best rhythm game, I was finding it difficult to find one that fit my wants and needs. All of them were pretty much the same with the same types of music, and I wanted to find an app or apps that I could use to really change up the music I played along with based on my mood.

Best 10 Rhythm Games by AppGrooves

That’s when I came across a website with an entire list of rhythm games. I tried them out and a few of them really stood out – finally! These three (the ones I’ve included below) are my absolute favorites. I can switch between them and always find a rhythm game that matches my mood.

Beat Fever – Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 10M

I’m not being sarcastic, but this might be one of the best rhythm games in the world. I tried a lot of these games when I was searching for the perfect one, but Beat Fever really lets you feel the beat with your fingers as you tap along to popular songs. There is music available from SIA, Zayn Malik, MGMT, Macklemore, and more, which is really sweet. Usually with rhythm games you only get bland cover music, but not with this game.

I will say that this app is pretty touch-sensitive, so you may accidentally tap other buttons when you’re trying to play. I’ve exited out of the game before when I got a bit overzealous as I tapped the screen. Just make sure you play with precision.  

Pros: Play with hit music by popular artists

Cons: Game is very touch-sensitive so you have to be careful not to tap the wrong button

Overall: As long as you make sure to concentrate and place your fingers in the right places, you’ll love jamming out to hit songs

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 1M

I never thought I would like Japanese pop music, especially not Japanese girl bands, but this app shocked me with how much I like it. The library of songs you get to play are all by popular Japanese artists, and I’ve found that they’re really fun and upbeat. There are also a bunch of different characters for you to play as. Not every rhythm app lets you play as a character, which is something I’ve discovered in my research, but this one does and they’re all really cute!

There was an update recently that altered the game’s appearance, and now I sometimes find it difficult to see what I’m doing. I blame this mostly on a the fact that I am not adjusting easily to the new screen layout. I keep trying to hit buttons that aren’t there because I am  so used to the old layout.

Pros: Library of popular Japanese songs, you get to play as a character

Cons: New screen layout is hard to adjust to if you’re used to the old one

Overall: As long as you don’t mind adjusting to the new layout, you’ll really enjoy playing fun music as a variety of different characters

Melobeat – Rating: 4.3, Downloads: 1M

Sometimes I want to do more than just tap on my screen to the beat of a rhythm. When I get the urge to do something a little different, I pull out Melobeat. This app allows me to use a piano right on my phone, which is really cool because I don’t have access to a piano in my day-to-day life. I enjoy being able to try something different in the rhythm game genre and really mix it up.

It does take more skill than your typical rhythm game, I will admit that, but it’s so much fun getting to play the piano instead of just tapping along to a random rhythm. Just know that if you’re new to rhythm games, you might find this one to be more challenging.

Pros: Play the piano, different layout than traditional rhythm games

Cons: Not as beginner-friendly

Overall: So long as you don’t mind a challenge, you’ll really enjoy playing along to the piano on this app


I never thought I would find rhythm games I like as much as these ones. They went from something that I did to pass the time to apps that I reach for on a regular basis. I’m not sure a day goes by that I’m not playing at least one of this apps, and I honestly wasn’t much of an app person before this.

If you’ve been wanting a new game to play on your phone or tablet, or if you’ve had your eye out for really good, high-quality rhythm games, I highly recommend these three. You should definitely consider giving them a try.


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