Hack Your Daily Routine Like a Rock Star Entrepreneur


Trevor McGregor, Negosentro | What does your daily routine look like? Sure, you wake up and go to sleep—those are pretty standard beginnings and endings for nearly everyone. But the hours in between: Do those resemble an ad-hoc approach to life or are those rigidly structured? Do your days resemble one another in the broad strokes, or do they quickly devolve into chaos?

If you choose the former, then you’re likely taking on some of the same necessary traits that very successful entrepreneurs use, too. They’re the ones who follow a routine and a schedule, who stick to the same choices every day—because they’re reliable and give them the space they need to be creative and revolutionary, to demonstrate their effectiveness as leaders in their fields and leaders of their employees.

Take Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook: If you’ve seen one picture of him, you’ve seen them all because he dresses in exactly the same thing—a gray t-shirt. At first glance it may seem boring and nonsensical, because certainly he has the money to buy other clothes. But dig deeper into this routine and decision, and you’ll find that Zuckerberg is perfectly logical about the choice. Wearing the same thing means he has one less decision to make that day—and every day—which means he can free up his brain and creativity to focus on something else related to his business and the future. That freedom has revolutionized how we connect and share and has led to countless other innovations in our daily life.

So what does your day look like? What small changes—wearing the same shirt, getting up at the same time—have you made or could you make, and how would they impact your daily life? Does it even matter? The leaders in this graphic should convince you that yes, it does matter—and here’s why.