The Guide to Growing the Business with Google


Samar Sood, Negosentro.comOne query and million answers to that; Google has made the pipe dreams attainable in a way we all love. Google’s got your back. Just type in any query and get the best results.

Google can help you to reach at the point, where you can have a hawk eye on your business allies and opponents. Today many businesses run because of the existence of Google. From promoting the products through Google to knowing the tricks of successful business, Google is the answer to all the questions. Let’s have a look and decode how Google is ready to give your business the push it needs.

Google and Its Ways to Get You On the Track!

Different Google platforms make the life of a businessman easier than what it was earlier. Today, if you know the tricks and helps you can avail, thank the powerful Search Engine.

1) Listen what a G suite Can do!

G suite can help your business grow in an uniform way. G suite comprises Hangouts, Gmail, Calendar along with Google+ for a smooth flow of communication. One can maintain all the data in Google Drive. Google Drive helps you maintain important sheets, documents, presentations and flow charts, and so forth online. This saves you from maintaining massive data on your systems in a chaotic way. Also, who doesn’t have a gmail account to use these sheets!

2) Google AdWords- Be Advertisement Ready!

Business rivalries exist everywhere, even in the Digital Market. You can not escape from the same, but can outdo them with the help of Google. For online advertisements, Google offers Google AdWords. AdWords help to flash your product or business idea on related websites.

For example, you can sell test papers and seek more attention for your online business, you can run advertisements on blogging websites and let the users click on those ads and reach out to you.

3) Google Apps Are Worth It!

It is not feasible for small startups to invest a lot for high productivity. So, you need to keep looking for cheaper alternatives all the time. Here, Google apps can come into play and act as your saviour. Enjoy larger cloud storage and collaboration services with Google Apps. You should also use web-based programs to help you keep your data streamlined. Use Google sheets, drives and calendars extensively.

4) Google Analytics: Keeping Tracks is Important!

Importance of tracking the website’s progress or downfalls is of massive importance. It is one  of the most powerful tools provided by Google. It enables the person to keep a track of the number of visitors on a particular day, the day of highest traffic, and so forth.

You can use different metrics like engagement, how many people are regularly visiting your website, what the usual social media trend is and what is the rate by which visitors are moving to the other websites. Isn’t it crucial to know all of this?

5) Get Your Business Online (GBYO): Let’s Google Ourselves!

Get Your Business Online (GBYO) is another commanding tool used by small businesses to make their presence felt by the people. This ‘Google help’ puts your company or startup on the map and makes the people see it and visit it later. Google has partnership with thousands of cities and many local companies to help your business make an entry into the business world. So why not use this and push start your business?

If you are the one looking for working by yourself or you are the one looking for massive improvements in your ongoing business, use Google and it’s boons Right Now. Be it pointing yourself on map or making a noise about your brand, Google is an angel for business and trust me it’s all worth it!

Author Bio – Samar Sood is a professional Content Writer and currently working with Sharda University. He loves to write on different academic and business related articles. Along with that, his expertise in blogging and writing tools serve as a base for his writing techniques, styled blogs and guest blogging.

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