Green Business – Is your business an accomplice in killing the planet?

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Negosentro| Green Business – Is your business an accomplice in killing the planet? | If you’ve been keeping up with the news at all, you must know about the alarming rate at which our planet is deteriorating. The effects of global warming are being felt around the globe. The Australian wildfires, East African drought and South Asian floods are only a few of the recent disasters precipitated by climate change.

While changes at individual levels are appreciated, it’s not enough. For a significant impact, It is important for businesses and large corporations to make changes to their organisation and operate sustainably. 

Let’s take a look at green business practices that will help our planet pull through climate crises.

Know Your Carbon Footprint

The first step to reform your business for the better is measuring greenhouse gas emissions. You should hire a company that specialises in ascertaining CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint. 

Once you’ve measured emission levels, it will be easier to identify the most polluting activities and develop plans to make them eco-friendly.

Bring In Experts

The final results of the previous step will go to waste if you don’t implement effective solutions. If you can’t figure out where to begin, we suggest involving a sustainable business expert. Such a professional can help you develop and implement strategies to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. This way, you won’t waste resources on trial and error.

Switch to Renewable Energy

Generating energy by burning fossil fuels depletes them and also produces greenhouse gases. More and more suppliers are offering renewable energy plans, which is a sustainable alternative. Utilising solar, hydro, wind and other forms of renewable energy can also bring down your operational costs.

Measures to Conserve Energy

It’s imperative for an organisation to monitor and reduce their energy consumption. All the employees and staff should be particular about turning off lights and electronics when not in use. 

Also, replace out-dated lighting fixtures and devices with energy-saving versions. For instance, halogen bulbs and CFLs should be replaced with LED lights. You should also consider speaking to professional energy procurement experts that may be able to help you procure energy at a lower rate.

Choose Sustainable Infrastructure & Equipment

If you’re renovating your business premises, incorporate changes that will make it more sustainable. For instance, more windows lower the dependence on artificial light.

From machinery to printers, try to buy used equipment. Not only does it reduce your carbon footprints it’s also much cheaper than buying brand new versions. Apton Plant offers a wide range of reliable and affordable used machines.

Deal with Green Vendors

Half-hearted, on-the-surface efforts to conserve the planet won’t do anyone any good. To establish your stand, you must bring a change in your company’s ethos. The parties you decide to work with must be on the same page as you when it comes to sustainability. 

As soon as you associate a monetary repercussion to an environmental cause, it will inspire change. When you solely start working with green vendors, other suppliers might join the cause out of the fear of losing business. 

Encourage Green Transportation

Many cities are blessed with a well-connected public transportation system. In your green business, encourage your employees to ditch their personal vehicles and travel via public transport. Carpooling is another excellent way to reduce pollution.

Reduce and Recycle

There’s no point in promoting recycling at the workplace if there are no systematic arrangements for the same. Ensure that every floor is equipped with recycling bins where people can dispose of all things recyclable. 

In addition to this, eliminate single-use plastic. Replace disposable cutlery, cups, plates, pens etc. with reusable or biodegradable versions.

Reform Cafeteria Menu

It takes a considerable amount of resources to produce meat and dairy products. Several people never try vegan or vegetarian meals simply because they aren’t readily available. 

Reform your cafeteria menu to include vegan and vegetarian meals. If that’s received positively, you can introduce ‘Meatless Monday’ and take it from there.

In conclusion

Business must realise their impact on the planet and take immediate action to halt climate change. There’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

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