Great Ways of Cleaning the Indoor Air

Air Conditioners Come in A Wide Variety for Businesses or Homes Great Ways of Cleaning the Indoor Air KNX smart touch panel Air-Conditioning | Great Ways of Cleaning the Indoor Air | It doesn’t matter whether you are outdoors or indoors, the quality of the air you are breathing makes a large impact on your health. Many researchers have attributed poor outdoor air to strokes, heart diseases, and lung cancer. Air pollution is responsible for causing seven million deaths across the world according to WHO (World Health Organization). But, keep in mind that the air inside the home is typically more polluted than the air outside the home. It is also a fact that we spend more time indoors than outdoors and so, cleaning the air within the indoors should be our top priority. Here are some tips for improving indoor air quality without using toxic chemicals.

Open the windows

This is the easiest and also the cheapest way for improving indoor air quality. Open the windows as far as possible. Even opening those for five minutes daily can alleviate the accumulation of dangerous air pollutants from the indoor air.

Spruce up the home decor by using houseplants

There are many kinds of houseplants that filter out the volatile organic compounds from the indoor air. By having these houseplants indoors by using, say an indoor grow tent, you can improve the indoor air quality as per a study conducted by ASHS or the American Society for Horticultural Science. For instance, spider plants are useful for the reduction of formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide from the indoor air.

Use the necessary oil diffusers

Some necessary oils such as tea tree oil come with antibacterial properties. They can be added to homemade cleaners or may be applied to your skin for the treatment of small cuts. However, are you aware of the fact that these oils are capable of reducing airborne bacteria? Essential oils such as clove, eucalyptus, and lavender have been established as useful for reducing the number of dust mites in the home as well.

Use beeswax candles

The reason behind particles floating in the air around us is that they are +vely charged ions. The air around a lake or inside the woods is cleaner because nature creates several -ve ions. These -ve ions bind with the +ve ions and cause them to become heavier and fall to the ground. Artificially burning the pure beeswax candles allows you to create the scenario indoors and the result is cleaner indoor air. But, there is a problem with this. Burning any type of candles also adds soot to the air. For avoiding this completely you can think about LED candles that will cause lesser air pollution and decrease the risk of fire.

Take off your shoes

The dirt that comes inside the house can carry a lot of really yucky stuff with it inside such as pollen, pesticides, fungi, feces or bacteria, etc. When you get inside the house any of these might be hanging onto the bottom of your shoe or even all of them sometimes. Therefore, it is a good idea to take off the shoes while getting inside the house. This will allow you to maintain clean air not to mention clean flooring.

Groom your pets

The skin cells of your pet are called pet dander and they can be found everywhere inside the house having pets. Rather than the pet fur, it is the danger that is more responsible for causing asthma-like symptoms or it may escalate your asthma if you already have it. When you have a pet ensure that you are keeping the danger to a minimum by cleaning them regularly. Brush the pets outside the house and then vacuum the floors and the furniture regularly by using a HEPA filter.

Run your AC

When you have central air conditioning in the house you already have a complete house air filtration system working for you. This system pulls the air out of your home, cools it, and pumps it back inside the home. Almost all these systems have a filter that you have to change regularly. The filter can trap dust particles as it goes about performing its duty. The more you keep changing the filter the better it is. Find out the kind of air conditioner you have in place and what are the maker’s recommendations for changing the filter.                                                                                                                                                                                   

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