The Government’s Online Responsibility


Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  When it comes to the government they have many responsibilities. This includes protecting people from harm with military, providing social services like healthcare and housing for those with special needs, and running other services like social security and driver license locations. However, many people forget that the government is responsible for other areas, and in doing so, they do not hold their elected officials accountable. Left unchecked, this can turn into a major problem. Take, for example, the government’s responsibilities online.


The government must communicate what they are doing online. This is now the main source for news and information. If they don’t publish information online regularly, they are hurting the public by leaving them in the dark. Using social media, newspapers, and their own websites should all be considered when getting the word out to the people. Avoiding this can cause unrest and fear about what the government is planning, which is horrible for the economy.


Nothing in the world stays the same, especially the government. After all, if the government does not adapt and change their ways, they could end up having too much old knowledge that isn’t relevant for today’s society. This can cause the entire population to fall behind the rest of the world.


Responsible governments are transparent about their online activities. Instead of trying to hide what they are doing, they share their progress, opinions, and rulings with the public. In addition, great governments have a responsibility to help people express their opinions with transparency without the fear of punishment.


The policy of the government with respect to online activities will drive a lot public decisions. Limiting people’s access gives the government too much power.

On the other hand, if people stand up and demand that their government puts policy in place that promote free flows of information, it could turn out better for everyone. Ask yourself if your government is taking the right steps toward the policies that will promote peace and prosperity in your city and nation.


The quality of the government’s online presence is important for optics. If the website is old and shabby, it doesn’t help the online citizen get the information or service they need.


Every great government needs to show empathy when dealing with online assault. The internet has given a voice to everyone. However, this means that bullies and trolls also have a voice and they never have to reveal their identity. This can be bad if your government does nothing to intervene.

Stay involved with your government, both local and national, and demand that they be up-to-date with the latest of online technologies.  It will create a better experience for you and your fellow citizens.

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