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Negosentro | Glorious Blend Coffee for Any Coffee Shop by GIDC Philippines | Coffee has been an everyday staple regardless of someone’s profession. It used to be a morning favorite drink partnered with our bagel or fried rice. Coffee started its phenomenon in the fifteenth century in Ethiopia, it instantly became like a universal language in the market. With various takes on this popular bean, nations like Italy, the U.S., and Indonesia have come up with their local versions of this caffeinated drink.

In the Philippines, specifically, it wouldn’t be the primary location when it comes to the best coffee producing country in the Southeast Asian region. Notwithstanding, there’s is entirely something else in this tropical country other than its sandy seashores and completely clear blue waters. Manila is actually no stranger if it is coffee’s concern just like Glorious Blend Coffee.

In any shopping center, you go to, you’ll be able to spot regular coffee shops that are ready to serve you with their own versions of their cup of joe.  People visit random coffee shops to try out what will suit their taste buds other than its price. These coffee shops are offering almost the commodity for consumption but what makes the difference is the type of coffee they use to mix with other flavors to create an entirely different beverage based on what the consumer prefers.

If you are curious to know more secrets about this popular beverage, Glorious Blend Coffee has gathered some information for you to keep you updated on the trade secrets of the coffee market where most are unaware of, and get some free tips from the experts, on what are they looking for in terms of choosing their coffee pod or espresso coffee makers is perfectly suitable for making coffee at home with its many features.

According to Glorious Blend Coffee, with regards to figuring out which type of coffee experts drink, baristas undeniably has the advantage. They thoroughly understand what goes into an extraordinary mug of espresso, from the genuine distinction between dull and light roast to exactly how hot to serve a latte. In an interview made with baristas and experts on coffee, to know what they usually order from different coffeehouses and what they evade at all cost.

1. Getting a plain dark coffee will tell you more about a certain coffee shop

As a former cafe manager and as a coffee educator, Garett Oden says that his all-time favorite to get from a coffee shop is a cup of drip coffee, served black.  In spite of the fact that numerous in vogue cafés empty all their adoration into their coffee and manual blend techniques, many leave their customary trickle espresso unattended for quite a long time.

“The quality shops give more focus to the normal drip of their coffee the same as everything else on their menu.” as mentioned by Oden.

By requesting a plain cup of trickle coffee, baristas can enlighten if the bistro cares regarding the nature of every one of their beverages or simply the fancier menu things.

2. Baristas doesn’t feel awkward asking for in house specialty

If you can’t choose what to get from a café, one good technique is to go with whatever the barista proposes. Allie Caran, as a barista and as the head of espresso training at Partners Coffee, disclosed that with the help of her go-to drink that is a dark channel espresso, she’s most likely to open for suggestions from the cafe staff.

“In case I’m searching for something else, I generally concede to the baristas on the bar for their suggestion,” said Caran.

3. Make a lighter occasion drink that is available year-round mixed with sugar-free syrups.

Glorious Blend Coffee suggests that you can eliminate calories and sugar by trading that restricted version happy menu drink for custom creation without sugar syrup and espresso.

Enlisted dietitian and previous Starbucks barista Emily Tills imparted that her go-to occasion drink is a grande cold mix espresso with two siphons of without sugar peppermint syrup and a shower of thin mocha sauce over a buoy of vanilla sweet cream. This blend adds pleasantness and flavor without adding an overabundance of calories.

4. Skipping milk and sugar permits you to truly taste the nature of the beans.

Instead of requesting for the most over-the-top thing on the menu list, genuine espresso epicureans are aware that basic is typically better. Felton Jones, head roastmaster at PJ’S Coffee, revealed that requesting a dark espresso permits you to genuinely welcome the flavor profile of a specific espresso mix.

According to her, her favorite coffee regardless of the coffee shop is their basic dark roast as she loves the taste and smell of the dark coffee, it gives her a better taste of the coffee beans used for her chosen coffee. She prefers the unsweetened version as the creamer and sweetener usually overpower the coffee’s classic taste.

5. Customers that have delicate stomachs may opt for a dark roast

Does a strong mug of coffee usually cause you an agitated stomach or acid reflux? Changing to dark roast may help you resolve your concern.

According to Science, the dark roasted variety of coffee are lighter on the stomach as it causes less acidity. In 2010, the American Chemical Society reported that coffee, like French roasts and other dark-simmered coffee, contains a compound that aggravates that advises the stomach to dial back the production of acid.

For other coffee options, Glorious Blend Coffee is also light and good for sensitive stomachs. For coffee lovers who are hesitant to drink their favorite beverage due to their concern of making their stomachs upset, Glorious Blend Coffee is the best option in the market.

6. Give cortado a try for a lesser intensity variant of an espresso.

If you have a love for proficiency and extreme kind of coffee yet can’t handle the level of bitterness, requesting a cortado could be the best response to your concern. It’s generally made with equal bits of coffee and equal bits of warm milk. As the milk lessens the acidity without adding a lot of volume or different flavors.

“My number one beverage is cortado. There’s the perfect measure of milk, where it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the espresso beans. It’s the ideal jolt of energy whenever of the day,” Meg Semeniuk, director at OTL café in Miami.

Coffee from the specialty shops used to be very expensive and only the higher class market can afford, nowadays, with the availability of competing brands that are readily available to serve their customers regardless of their social class. Whether you are an office worker, employee, urban dweller, renting an apartment, you can easily have a cup of your favorite joe at any time of the day.

These café shops have one thing in common, they promote coffee as their in-house specialty. The quality of coffee beans that are used in their different variations of coffee, whether it is served hot or cold plays a crucial role in delivering a high-quality product to compete in the market in offering an excellent product to suit the preferences of the market. Just like Glorious Blend Coffee, their beans were meticulously chosen to produce a high-quality product that is also perfect to include on the list of coffee variations in every coffee specialty shops.

Glorious Blend Coffee offers the market an affordable way to enjoy every cup of coffee. Glorious Blend Coffee uses the highest quality coffee beans to give you the best there is to offer in the market.

Where can I buy Glorious Blend Coffee in the Philippines?

Glorious Blend Coffee

Glorious Blend Coffee is manufactured by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation. Sweet and Fit Stevia products can be purchased at your local Mercury Drug Store, Generika, South Star Drug, and other leading drugstores. It can also be bought at Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Ever Gotesco, Landmark, and other supermarkets nationwide.

For those looking to shop online, Glorious Blend Coffee is also available on the official GIDC website and on popular online marketplaces.

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