Glorious Blend 3 in 1 Coffee is Power-packed with Stevia

Glorious Blend 3 in 1 Coffee - Power-packed Natural Sweetness with Stevia

Glorious Blend 3 in 1 Coffee is Power-packed with Stevia | How do you describe your ideal cup of coffee? A nice cup of joe in the morning can set your mood for the whole day, but relying on your favorite barista’s coffee signature mixture of your preferred coffee may not always be the best option for you due to the current pandemic and in terms of saving more bucks for your piggy bank. When things get tough on your finances or you opt to drink for something easy and quick to prepare while you are at the comforts of your home, or at the office with a pile of paperwork to finish, or on your way somewhere else, instant coffee is the best go-to beverage that the majority would go for.

Instant coffees have been in the market for decades, it provides answers to the market’s needs for their usual morning routine, it is full of antioxidants and it also gives a boost in the energy of a coffee drinker, as its primary benefits. One of the good things about this product is, it’s economical, faster, and easier to prepare in comparison to a regular coffee.

With the help of science and modern technology, game-changers in the market like Glorious Blend Coffee have come up with better options that are more beneficial for the consumers. The company has launched its healthy coffee products in the market with the primary purpose of providing healthier and better-tasting drinks. When we hear about coffee, we initially think about breakfast or link it to an afternoon snack that is usually paired with cookies or pastries. But during the present times, coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day, we can have it hot, cold, iced, or even shake.

The common instant or 3-in-1 coffee is a mixture of coffee, creamer, and sugar. We all know that anything too much is already a disadvantage, especially when talking about sugar. Have you tried checking out the back label of your favorite instant coffee? Are you aware that the content of each pack of your favorite morning staple has a high-level sugar? As a now health advocate generation, people are now starting to make healthier choices, that is why Glorious Blend has come up with a coffee that is beneficial for our bodies but does not sacrifice the quality of its taste and has competitive pricing.

Glorious Blend has proudly introduced their forerunner 3-in-1 coffee years ago because instead of using sugar as their coffee sweetener, they mixed it with Stevia instead. Stevia is a natural sweetener that has already been around since the 16th century, it is an intensely sweet-tasting plant that has little to no calories and is the best sugar substitute. It is actually 200 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar! Can you imagine when you normally need a teaspoon of sugar for your cup of coffee using table sugar to achieve a satisfying taste, but Stevia, you’ll need much less than that!

Try to check the back label of your usual 26.5g of a 3-in-1 coffee sachet, you will notice that with every serving, you will normally get 120 calories with every cup of a regular coffee, and let’s not forget its sugar content that is 20g which is already sweet for our taste buds and can trigger an additional weight gain that is among the usual effects of a normal sugar if we take more than what is recommended for our daily diet. But with a single 14g sachet of Glorious Blend 3-in-1 Coffee, it only contains 60 calories, which is only half of the calories that you usually get from your regular brand of coffee, and you no longer need to worry about the sugar content because, with the help of Stevia, it becomes sugar-free but with a satisfying taste. You will also notice the difference between the weight of every single sachet of two different brands, which will make you wonder about the dissimilarity in its content. Ever wonder why Glorious Blend Coffee weighs lighter than the normal ones but still provides a healthy and great tasting product? It’s because it only contains the recommended percentage of coffee and Stevia for every serving. What makes the other brands weigh heavier than Glorious Blend Coffee is their sugar content.

Can you imagine the benefits that you can get with every cup of Glorious Blend 3-in-1 Coffee? It does not only help you prevent from gaining weight, but it is also safe for diabetic patients and health-conscious individuals. Getting healthy and staying healthy is not only a trend but is a must to achieve a healthier lifestyle while keeping our taste buds satisfied. With Glorious Blend 3-in-1 Coffee, less is more!

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