Getting Started with your Own Company

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Negosentro.comThere was a poll done among United States citizens in which they were asked whether they would prefer to work for someone else, work for themselves and own a small business, or be the CEO of a fortune 500 corporation. Guess what the majority of the population chose? They chose to be small business owners. One reason why is because the majority of people do prefer to be in control, but don’t have large aspirations. They want just enough power to take control of their lives, but not enough that they will feel intimidated. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing the topic of business and how to go about starting your own company.

Getting Started With Your Own Company

A company is really nothing more than a legally binding set of documents in a certain state, registered by an agent, stating that the people signing the articles of that corporation are indeed the people running and owning the business. A corporation begins the moment you or anyone else has the idea of starting their own business. Maybe you’ve been working for someone else who created their own corporation. If you really understand the process of creation, you will understand that anyone can create their own company, all they have to do is do it, and have enough money for the filing fee.

Now, let’s say you’re brand new to the business industry and are getting familiar with the terminology first. You may know that you need a company, but may be unaware that there are different types of companies for different kinds of businesses. The most popular type of company is a limited liability corporation which provides more protection to its members in case of anything going wrong. Within the LLC there are different structures like the C and S-Corporations which are established in their own respects for tax purposes. In the real estate sector there are specific corporations like the 1031 Exchange which is a corporation used for deferring capital gains taxes on the sale of real estate.

Creating a company is more than just filing paperwork. If you want to be successful in business you will need to have a plan before you start and should be updated as you grow. Creating a company also involves the brainstorming and selection of a name. In order to do this, it is best to get together somewhere such as London meeting rooms where you can discuss all the information. When a name is selected, you must look to see if the domain name is available as well in order to have a website with the name of the business. Once these have been selected, a logo must be made to be the face of the business and portrayed on every piece of marketing you create. The term company also subtly implies that you should have some company helping you with your goals. If you choose to start a company with one or two other people, you will have to divide the ownership, but will also be combining all of your own strengths and resources.


In conclusion in this article we discussed the topic of how to get started with your own company. Because data doesn’t lie, we can say without a doubt that the American population would prefer not to work for someone and create their own small businesses. People want freedom and the ability to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and the only thing that allows this is owning a business. If you don’t want to deal with the time it takes to start a company from scratch, you can cheat just a little bit and purchase an existing business. Who knows, maybe you’ll like this even better than starting something from the bottom. Regardless of the route you choose to take, make sure to never give up on your dream, please.

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