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In a layman’s language, printing is defined as a process for reproducing image and text with ink on paper using a printing press. Such kind of printing services are carried out on a large scale and mostly for industrial or commercial uses. In today’s time, printer servicehas become an integral part of transaction and publishing sectors. Nowadays, the options in printing services are limitless. Starting from the right artwork to perfect ink and materials, there are so many points to keep in mind. From the perfect finishing to binding, you can get a wide range of services through printing.

Understand about managed Print Services

In the printing industry, you might have come across a term, managed print services. The word looks complicated, but the meaning is simple. The main aim of MPS is to control and gain visibility of printing. This helps in saving money and enhances the present productivity of your firm. On the other hand, “managed print” further helps in improving environmental sustainability with document security.

Real meaning of the term Printing

The term printing is not just restricted to capturing pictures or write-ups on a paper. It means total managing cost and optimization of your printers. It further deals with output along with processes and people, supporting the devices. Here, the term printing is used to deal with pages as produced by mobile workers, office workers, and some production print operations. It further talks about multifunctional printers, office desktop printers, scanners, copiers and even high volume printers.  You need to make an account of the accessories also other than the main printer, like ink, paper, toner and other consumables.

Different types Available

Before proceeding any further, do proper research on different types of printer service available. Let’s chalk down the types first so that you can avail the best services.

  • Digital Printing: You can reproduce digital images on the current physical surface. Some examples of digital printing can be seen on film, photographic paper and even plastic. You can differentiate digital printing from litho printing. The expressions are different and paper does not absorb the toner or ink. Moreover, this method requires fewer chemicals and comes handy for rapid prototyping.
  • Electrostatic Printing: For a short printing functionality, electrostatic printing is great. This printing procedure takes place without contact, ink or type form. Here, the paper is coated with a thin zinc oxide layer which is working as an insulator. This paper further provides a negative electrical charge when exposed to light.
  • Embossing: This printer service helps in creating a 3D effect on your paper. There are mainly two types of embossing available and these are heat embossing and dry embossing. Dry embossing takes place with a stencil, stylus, and similar such services. On the other hand, heat embossing works with special ink, powder, and a heat source.
  • Flexography: For printing packaging materials, flexography is used. You can see these kinds of printing on gift wraps, grocery bags and even on bottle labels. This flexographic technology uses rubber plates with some raised printed areas.
  • Gravure Printing: This might be an expensive printing technique but the amount spent is totally worth. This procedure creates a direct contact between the paper and etched copper plate. This plate is very costly but this method is best for printing high-quality materials.

Apart from the Printer Service listed here, there are some other names also to be incorporated in this list. Those are letterpress, screen printing, offset lithography, and thermograph. Talk to the experts, and they will help you in finding the perfect and most suitable printing technique for your use.

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