Garnering Higher Conversions With Visuals in Landing Pages

Garnering Higher Conversions With Visuals in Landing Pages 2020 - Negosentro

Negosentro | Garnering Higher Conversions With Visuals in Landing Pages | Landing pages are an integral part of effective marketing strategy. They are standalone web pages that work with the sole objective of conversion. Through these pages, you can encourage the potential customers to take action and get them closer to the bottom of the sales funnel. They are created distinct from the main website and work to achieve your single focused conversion goal.

Click-through landing pages

These landing pages work as buffers for shopping carts in the ecommerce industry or event registrations. They are additional pages that link the checkout and order confirmation page. This is because, directing the visitors straight to the shopping cart would considerably reduce the conversion rate.

Lead generation landing page

This is a page through which you can let the visitors express their interest in your offerings. Most of these pages offer an incentive to the prospects in return for their email address and other relevant details that aid identification.

For example: If a prospect downloads “A guide to rich media email marketing” from your email design website, it would mean that they want to know more about using rich media in their email designs. Subsequently, you can send them more insightful blogs or whitepapers that throw light on this topic.

Now, let’s move on to how using the right visuals can amp up your landing page conversions and boost your ROI.

Have relevant images

If you want to connect with people, it is imperative to use the power of pictures. 80% visitors will pay more attention to the copy that is supported by relevant images. For example: The ecommerce store dealing with tailormade men’s clothing, J. Hilburn has designed a beautiful landing page to highlight the salient features of their 3 in 1 jacket.

Have relevant imagesFurthermore, you can also take help of visual cues to prompt the user to take the next action. Here’s an example in which a hand-drawn arrow works as a directional hint so that the visitor signs up for their emails.

Use sufficient white space

Talking about visuals is incomplete without the mention of white space. It gives the user breathing space so that they can convert without any distractions.

Logomaster sets the perfect example of using plenty of white space and stands true to “LESS IS MORE”. Anyone who needs a logo would certainly be tempted to provide their company name and click-through the CTA. Their simple, yet effective landing page works wonders to bring conversions.

Use sufficient white spaceChoose the right colors

According to your business and type of industry, you must pick the appropriate colors that match your brand personality. For instance: Yellow and red are the safest bet for the FMCG industry. No wonder, Burger King and McDonald’s have used it in their logos to leave maximum impact on the buyers.

Black, on the other hand, is used by luxury brands that offer premium products or services. Apple is the first name that comes to mind when talking about “BLACK”.

White is a good choice for non-profit organizations and health care facilities as it reflects purity, sterility, and minimalism.

Tell a story

Whenever someone lands on your landing page, tell them a story that would engage them better. For example: Moo sends out an email with a toaster in action followed by a CTA “Push the lever”.

Tell a storyOnce the subscriber clicks through the CTA, he or she would be redirected to a landing page that ‘completes’ the story and promotes 15% off sale.

Wrapping Up

While these tips will help you to create high-converting landing pages, make sure you do not limit yourself to “GOOGLE” and think of innovative ideas to get more conversions from your landing page. Do not forget to work on your CTA, keep an eye on landing page heatmaps, test and A/B test, and monitor the performance to ace the landing page game.

Have a look at this infographic for great insights!

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