How to Gain Respect from Your Employees

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Vernon June, NegosentroAs any good business owner knows, employees are the backbone of the business. These are the people that basically power the machine that is your business. It is therefore vital to ensure that your workforce is willing and able to be as productive as possible. One of the key elements towards achieving this is to ensure that you have the respect of your employees. There are many business owners and managers that treat employees like numbers on a payroll. However, this is not the way to earn their respect – and without their respect, you run the risk of everything from a high turnover to reduced productivity and low morale.

So, how you can get your employees to respect you as a leader and want to work towards making your business a success? Well, first off you need to remember that respect has to be earned. Just because they are at the bottom of the chain and you are towards the top, that won’t get you respect. What you need to do is respect your employees and they in turn will come to respect you.

Some of the ways to show and earn respect

You may have seen business news  one channels such as MSNBC free stream where experts talk about the importance of mutual respect between employers and employees. Well, the importance of this really cannot be underestimated. The way in which you treat your employees will have an enormous impact on the way in which they treat you and the amount of commitment they have when it comes to your business. Some of the ways in which you can help to gain respect from your employees includes:

  • Have an open door policy: The worst thing you can do with employees is make them feel shut out. If you don’t operate an open door policy, they are unlikely to come to you if they feel there is an issue or if they need support. Make it clear that you are always there if they need to speak to you.
  • Treat your workers as individuals: It is important to treat each and every employee as an individual. Make sure you address them by name, speak to them in a friendly manner, and take some time to chat about things other than work. This will make them feel more respected and valued.
  • Get opinions and feedback: Employees are the ones on the frontline doing the legwork, which means that they are more likely to know where issues and problems lie. With this in mind, you should take time to ask them for their opinions and feedback when it comes to business related matters that are relevant to their roles. This will provide you with valuable feedback and make them feel as though their opinions do count.
  • Encourage and motivate your workers: There are many ways in which you can encourage and motivate workers and raise morale. This includes everything from arranging social events now and again for staff and management through to providing training to help them work towards improvement.

All of these methods provide you with the opportunity to gain the respect of your employees.  

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