Freediving in the Philippines with Camotes Freediving – More fun indeed!

Freediving in the Philippines with Camotes Freediving
Freediving in the Philippines with Camotes Freediving

Negosentro | Freediving in the Philippines with Camotes Freediving – More fun indeed! | If you’re looking for a new vacation goal, or ready for your next-level adventure, the best freediving spots in Asia are worthy of your bucket list. Freediving is gaining popularity, not only because it does not require bulky oxygen tanks, but more because of the practice of relaxation and mindfulness at its core. So as long as you have the will and the wit, take a deep breath and be ready to freedive.

Warm, inviting waters

Composed of numerous islands spread across a tropical region, Southeast Asia is home to a few deep underwater trenches, the oceans are shallow, making it rather warm and not very saline. This is also why top-ranking freedivers, like Thibault Guignés, have opted to relocate to the region to practice their sport almost all year round. He adds that an island off the coast of Cebu, Philippines offers calm currents, visibility of 25 meters, and a depth of 150 meters.  “It is one of the best locations I have experienced.”, he explains.

Newly built, world-class facilities

You will see newly built, brand new freediving facilities all around the world – from Cyprus to the Cenotes. In Asia, the most notable would be Camotes Freediving, headed by the Molchanovs education board member, Guignés. World-class facilities would mean that the training center has a swimming pool for dynamic and static training, equipment essential to safety and efficiency, and spacious classrooms with the latest training tools.

Tourist-friendly hospitality at its best

One of Asia’s best assets is its people. They have a general sense of kindness and giving, as a result of their strong family orientation. It is no wonder that Asian hospitality has gained a reputation for excellence in the quality of facilities and services over the past decade. This makes traveling to Asia a laid-back and relaxing experience.  

Beautiful nature and other adventures

Asia is beautiful below and above ground. If you choose to visit the coastal areas, you are sure to find other natural hot springs, mountain treks, and cultural sites to visit. On the days that you are not in the water depths, you can go spelunking, biking, or just hang out in local shops for a food trip.

Value for money

By international standards, Asia offers amazing value from accommodation to transportation, from meals to all the nice little extras like massages on the beach. Don’t get too used to it, you might not want to leave at all.

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