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Raul Harman, Negosentro.comIf you’ve been a part of the digital community for the last 10 years (or shorter), you’ve probably noticed how significantly the digital landscape has changed. Mobile phones and tablets have gradually phased out desktop and laptop computers, making interacting with content immediate and efficient. Furthermore, at this moment in time, there are virtually no boundaries hindering the when, how and where people interact with digital content, as it’s become very accessible and more affordable than it’s ever been before.

With such a dynamic in the digital world, the landscape of content marketing has changed, as well. In today’s fast-paced world, any form of relevant content only succeeds if it delivers what consumers want, when and how they want it. As observed by Forbes, “video marketing is one of the few types of online material that provides the value, relevance and flexibility consumers need, all while catering to the on-the-go lifestyle they want”. With that in mind, it is safe to assume video marketing is the future of high quality, successful content marketing, whether you are just launching your business or have been in it for a while.

If you are a (younger) Millennial who’s been living and breathing digital since day one, you’ve then been lucratively keeping up with all the digital changes – whether it’s been for fun or business. With a practical observation of changes in various social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., you’ve possibly managed to grasp the course of digital change altogether and build a clear vision of the direction it’s going. That being said, when you decide to launch your own business, you’ll already be one step ahead of everyone who is only just modernizing.

After all, at the moment you start, you’ll already understand the dynamics of (live) video interaction and the importance of urgency that comes with it. If you’re thinking “I do have the knowledge but what about the money?”, that’s pretty easy, too. These days, more and more successful firms like Australian Lending Centre, are opening up to young digital marketers who are looking to launch their own video production agencies, offering loans to get them started. We find this to be pretty amazing, don’t you?

Why opt for video marketing?

The benefits are multilayered. First things first, judging by research compiled by Twitter, “a live streaming event increases brand favorability by 63 percent. Furthermore, 80 percent of Livestream’s survey respondents prefer live video from a brand to social posts”. In other words, if you are targeting a contemporary consumer – video marketing is the way to hook them.

Video marketing has tangible benefits for individual marketers, brands and consumers themselves. Also, its upgrade – live video – is contributing to an even more efficient brand promotion, contributing to the brand gaining a wide audience quickly.

Video is accessible

Whoever has a smartphone can go live to the world right now. Whether you want to instantly share content with your audience or spend some time preparing it, video will provide a visual to your interested target group, which will make them only thirsty for more.

Sharing fun snaps of the project you are working on, filming a talk with your partner/employee/friend on the content you are currently working on, sharing little teasers and on so on – all these are fantastic benefits of video interaction. And then, if/when you go live – you are giving the audience an immediate insight into what’s happening on your side of the project. Effective and fun!

Video is personal and interactive

With a modernized approach to doing business, video serves as, perhaps, the greatest tool we’ve ever had in marketing – it cuts through rehearsed facades and forced professionalism, making the interaction very personal and therefore successful.

Furthermore, video empowers marketers to interact with their audience in comments sections, making them feel a part of your business family. To a marketer, this means attracting more social media comments and a larger audience; to the audience – you are a brand respectful of their opinions. On top of that, customers typically like to share videos they enjoy, which is automatically expanding your reach! It’s a win-win situation!

Thanks to its simple accessibility, viral nature and built-in value, video marketing is probably the best way to approach content marketing in 2017 and beyond – be sure of it.

Raul Harman is an IT consultant and a writer who has a lot of experience about innovations in all aspects of digital technology and online marketing. IoT and the world of mobile devices have been his focus in the previous years. Raul is a passionate runner and adventure seeker. Every spare moment he loves to spend in nature. He is a regular contributor on Technivorz blog.

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