Five Ways Shipment Tracking Software Safeguards Your Business

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Negosentro | Five Ways Shipment Tracking Software Safeguards Your Business | In the modern-day business world, e-commerce is taking over the shopping landscape. Millions of buyers are clicking on virtual items and paying online, after which waiting for them can be stressful. 

It is not only for the customer that this process causes anxiety. After a company ships its product to the courier, it is up to that courier to take care of it and deliver it on time. On that journey, there is a multitude of things that can go south. Your shipment can be lost, damaged, late, or completely destroyed.

In the 1990s, this anxiety was managed with the introduction of shipment tracking via the barcode on a package. Since then it became the customer’s expectation to be able to locate their bundle during the wait.

Tracking software varies in the performances they are equipped with, but one thing is certain – if you are a business offering online delivery of your goods, shipment tracking software is the one thing you need to safeguard your company and its reputation.

1.Customer satisfaction

Whether you are a multinational, national, or a local company, if you are offering online buying to your customers, they are demanding to track their delivery from the moment they order, until it reaches their door. Having software that tracks your shipment will make you appear transparent, which will, in the long run, help you build a strong relationship with the customer. 

That is why some companies, such as Unival Logistics, offer a shipment tracking system that follows the package all the way through. Not only does it notify both parties when the parcel reaches a certain point of transit, as most systems do, but it shows exactly where and in what condition it is stored.

Locating a shipment for your buyer means having a sense of control over the process and it even creates space for more excitement over the bought item. The waiting game, with the help of shipment tracking software, becomes less anxious and more stirring.

2. Knowing the State of Your Inventory

As stated earlier in the text, shipment tracking technologies are less than thirty years old, and in that time they have evolved as the interconnection of the world rose. Nowadays, you can not only track the location of your shipment, but you can also be in the know about other metrics as well. 

If you are shipping a parcel that is temperature-sensitive, you can track the temperature throughout the travel. If the parcel is to be handled with care, you can be aware of the pressure that the courier has put on your item(s). If you are shipping an art painting, you can control the light exposure, with the help of some tracking systems.

Of course, not every item needs this kind of treatment, but it is best to be able to control the environment your parcel is traveling in and to be sure that the courier will handle your shipment as you deserve.

3. Safeguarding the Reputation of Your Business

Having angry or impatient customers on your phone lines on hold because you are not able to answer all of them at once is not good for your business’ reputation. Neither is not being able to locate your delivery truck driver, nor getting the shipment lost during transit, and finding out after it’s too late. All things mentioned above are can ruin a reputation and turn off customers.

Sometimes the courier you are working with made an unfortunate mistake, but tracking services safeguard you from losing the trust of a customer. You can work through the issue with the customer realizing it is not your fault and that you are doing everything to fix it.

Tracking your shipment means that you appear more professional, accountable, and responsible. In case something does happen to your shipment, you can solve a problem much earlier and prevent some major unplanned costs for your customer, and ultimately for you.

4. Contactless Delivery

During the global pandemic, contactless delivery has become the new normal. This would not be as simple if not for the shipment tracking systems that notify your buyer of the whereabouts and the delivery of the parcel.

Being safe in these daring times should be of the utmost importance for all of us, and businesses should not turn a blind eye to that. If you want to show your customers and employees that you care about their safety, contactless delivery with the help of shipment tracking software is the best choice.

5. Increases Productivity of Your Business

Having a tracking system for your shipments means fewer phone calls to your sales representatives and customer service and more happy consumers. Imagine the increase in productivity of your business if there were no phone calls and emails to answer about the date and time of the delivery. 

This creates space for your customer service to handle more problem-solving tasks, and work with clients that are indeed in need of service, not only information. Let the software engage with customers and update them on the time and date of the delivery, so you can focus on leading and expanding your business without unnecessary distractions.

How Exactly Does Shipment Tracking Software Work?

Standard tracking software can be a variety of systems that help locate the parcel, and verify its movement through space and the delivery process. Depending on the distance the parcel has to travel to reach its destination, there can be multiple checkpoints: from sorting, loading, to final delivery.

The main goal of the system is to provide an estimated time of arrival and help the customer organize according to that. Every time you, the sender, give your parcel to a courier company, the parcel is given a unique barcode.

That barcode is active and is scanned every time it is moved. For example, if you are sending your goods from Chicago to Paris, the parcel can travel by truck to New York, then from New York, it flies by plane to Paris, where it is again loaded onto a truck to the address of your buyer.

Each time your package is moved, its barcode is scanned and that data is updated online for you and your customer to see. This assures your customer that your business can be trusted with delivering their orders and that you will always take the extra step to deliver their goods safely.

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