Five Smart Ways to Invest in Your Education

Career Paths return to education Business Education mba education support | Five Smart Ways to Invest in Your Education | Adults who want to earn degrees or special skill certificates face several unique challenges. First, they need to come up with the money to pay for coursework and related fees. Second, there’s the question of how to make time to study while working a full-time job. Finally, if you want to finish college as an older adult, you’ll need to be ready for the academic part of the puzzle. If you haven’t been inside a classroom in a decade, just the thought of entering a room full of eager learners can be intimidating.

So, what are the smartest ways to invest in your education as a mature adult? Here are some of the most effective ways to move forward with your plan to invest in yourself by investing in your education:

Test the Waters

There’s no reason to jump in the deep end of the pool. Try out a few online classes and see what kinds of classes you enjoy and might want to get a master’s degree or finish off a general college degree with. Investing in your education means knowing what you want to do, so take the time to carefully assess your skills and interests. It’s sort of like working as your own guidance counselor.

Save Money from Day One

Investing is about money. So, from the moment you decide to invest in your educational future, put a bit of money aside each week to cover future expenses. You know there will be costs associated with books, course fees and more, so do the right thing and start saving today. Your future is worth every penny.

Think About Refinancing Student Loans

If you want to get another degree, finish a final year of college or just get a skills certificate, do the smart thing and unburden yourself of old student loans by refinancing them. There are many reputable institutions like Earnest that specialize in helping people get lower interest rates on refi packages, obtain longer payback periods and, most importantly, make lower monthly payments on old student loans. There’s no reason to feel weighed down by old debt when you are facing a new chapter of your educational life.

Shop for Grants and Scholarships

If you are over the age of 25, there are literally hundreds of special programs that will help you find grants and scholarships for adults. Most are not available to recent high-school grads entering college for the first time but are up for grabs by adults who are returning to school. Check with a financial counselor at the school you plan to attend and ask about opportunities for older students.

Take a Certificate Program

One of the most efficient ways of investing directly in your education is by taking a certificate course at a local or online college. There are all kinds of fields of study open to anyone who wants to improve their job prospects. Most certificate courses of study don’t require any prerequisites. In fields like business, medical technology and massage therapy and nursing, you can earn a certificate in about three months.

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