Facts to Consider When Purchasing a Salvage Car at Dealer Auctions


Henry Cahill, Negosentro | If you want to save thousands of dollars when shopping for a vehicle, you should consider participating in dealer auctions. These auctions offer you a great opportunity that is not only limited to saving money. You can also get an insight into the details of the car that has earned your attention, which is a great feature, especially when purchasing a salvage car.

These kinds of vehicles present an incredible value for money if you know how to bid smartly and make the required upgrades. Also, you will get to lay your eyes on a wide range of vehicles that have been titled salvage. The best part of such auctions is that you can get your vehicle delivered to the given address without any trouble.

Take a look at these tips and make sure that you end up with the best purchase:

Inspect Fire and Water Damage

There is some vehicle damage that can be taken care of to a greater extent, and there is wreckage that cannot be repaired at all. Fire or water damaged cars fall into the category of vehicles that are unrepairable. The fire and water damages are beyond repair because they leave deep-seated ruins that can cost you heavily. Hence, it is advisable to avoid these kinds of salvage cars and look for normal certified pre-owned cars. However, if you can perform such repairs, it is worth the money. Being badly damaged, this particular salvage car is comparatively much cheaper than other salvage vehicles. If you are looking for spares, then such vehicles make an ideal investment.

Research before Making a Buying Decision

When you purchase a salvage car from any dealer auction, ensure that you have all the pre-knowledge about the vehicle. In case you find a car that meets your certain criterion, then be willing to spend your time and effort on a pre-purchase examination. Always gear up yourself for an upfront investment while buying a salvage car and contact the manager of the dealer auction to get all the relevant information related to the vehicle you are interested in. Most of the details are generally posted on the auction website itself.

Get an Insight into the Vehicle History Report

After you have conducted your inspection before making any investment, use the VIN you obtained from the research. It will help you check the vehicle history report that will showcase all the damages the car may have endured, as well as, the current issues it is facing. By adding this report with your pre-inspection, you are bound to get the best deal on your salvage car purchase.

Watch Out for Theft Salvage Cars

Theft cars that were recovered subsequently after paying off the insurance make the vehicle titled salvage. These types of cars are the best option to start with, especially if you do not want to break your bank on post-purchase repairs.


Adhere to the above-mentioned tactics to get the best deal on salvage cars in any dealer auction. Buying them from dealer auctions has gained huge popularity and support from buyers because of the transparency in the process.

Author Bio – Henry Cahill is a vehicle analytic expert who reviews all types of cars. He works for a car magazine in USA. He prefers certified pre-owned cars and tells his readers about the listings of cars in different dealer auctions.

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