Extraordinary Romantic Spree: Glamping


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Looking for an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life? There’s nothing more romantic than having a quality time with your loved ones that comes with a memorable outdoor experience. So, skip the usual dinner for two or weekend staycation this time around for your romantic date and go on camping. Not just an ordinary camping but with a touch of glamour.

Glamorous camping also knows as “glamping” combines the intimacy of camping and the luxury of resort-style amenities and services. The concept of glamping can be traced wayback the early 1900s in Africa. Because there are a limited number of hotels in the area, the campsites developed an alternative way to provide the comfort and luxury of hotel accommodation to travellers.

In the Philippines, glamping has quickly become the ultimate travel experience when it started a few years ago. And for couples, this is one of the romantic experiences you should include on your bucket list.


IMG_1336When people hear the term camping they can’t help but think it’s hard to sleep comfortably. Because of this, they choose staying in hotel rooms rather than in tents. But forget about this perception. As a matter of fact, glamping lets you enjoy the comforts of a bedroom on outdoor tent. The moment you step inside your tent, you’ll immediately feel at ease because of the cozy mattress complete with pillows and blanket.


Glamping takes the stress out of camping, leaving you lots of time to have fun together. Setting up your tent will never be a problem. There are camp butlers who will take care of it for you. Aside from a ready-to-stay tent upon arriving at the camp site, bonfire at night will also be prepared by the camp butlers. So you don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to make fire from woods.


IMG_1339Contrary to a restaurant dinner date or a hotel staycation, glamping provides an avenue to build unforgettable memories with your loved ones because there’s no distraction. You can take a walk, try the resort / campsite amenities and services or simply enjoy the nature together.

“There’s nothing like being alone with your loved one. And how do you nourish your relationship? By having focused time with each other,” says Cathy Turvil, owner of Nurture Wellness Village.

If you’re planning to try this romantic outdoor experience for your upcoming anniversary, birthday or surprise escapades, Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay is among the pioneers that offer glamping in the Philippines. Aside from the perfect cool weather in Tagaytay, Nurture is surrounded with trees – perfect to relax and commune with nature.

Nurture’s glamping package pampers guests with a blissful yet tranquil 22 hours overnight stay at naturally ventilated camping tent; bon fire with BBQ diner with Rice, fresh fruit Platter and Lime Basil Cocktail; Arozcaldo Breakfast with homemade bread & Pate with Kale Juice; and 30 minutes outdoor treatment choice of Facial or Foot massage. Guests can also participate in activities like Tai Chi, Reflexology Walk and Happy Dance,  that are designed to enhance and rejuvenate Nurture’s guests in body, mind and spirit. There’s also a bonus Nurture Walk going to the organic farm.

The concept of glamping maybe new to most people but it surely is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Pack your things and get ready to camp!


Nurture Wellness Village

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