Extra Considerations for Bath and Body Label Printing

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Extra Considerations for Bath and Body Label PrintingBath and body labels products present unique challenges that require special attention when labeling. These products are usually long-lasting (i.e., First, such products are usually stable (i.e. The products can withstand high abuse because of their longevity.

The Harsh Life of Bath and Body Products Labels

Bath and body products labels are subject to steam, water, and other environmental factors that could easily destroy a paper-based label. In addition, consumers use body lotions and similar products, which can be oily. This could cause a paper-based label to become unusable. What would you like to see on your products after only a few use? Bad labeling can hurt your brand. Wizard Labels uses BOPP material to print labels. This is a Polypropylene plastic film that offers unparalleled protection and durability for your products. BOPP label printing cannot be matched in visual quality.

You’ll be surprised at how few paper labels you will see as you stroll down the shampoo and lotion aisles of your local market.

The Digital Advantage for Product Labels

You may need multiple flavors or fragrances to enhance your product lines. You don’t have to use various flavors or bouquets for your product lines. With our digital printing presses, you can combine several variations (we call them “versions”) in one run. This saves you a lot of money compared with traditional printing methods. Instead of sticking secondary product labels to distinguish the 8oz Bergamot hand cream from the Pomegranate, why don’t you create an entirely new custom product label for each product and order just a few hundred? Do you really need to have many brands for bath and beauty products that you don’t use or that are suddenly unusable because of a regulatory change or minor ingredient?

We can print multiple designs as long as your packaging and labels all have the exact dimensions.

If you order 2,500 product labels in five different versions, you may need 1,000, 500, and 250 of each of the following two versions. Although we can be flexible, there are practical consequences if the quantities are random and do not have any logical groups. Therefore, to reduce our environmental impact, we avoid asking for two versions of the same product label, 275 and 225.

This is why it is essential. Because we print multiple versions side by side across the raw material, it is more efficient to have equal numbers everywhere possible. Is that to say that all arrangements must be identical? No, but we might want to work with some and maybe even all of them. This is usually necessary only when multiple versions are ordered, and they create waste or take longer to produce. We will try to find a compromise in such situations.

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