Everything you need to know about office removals

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Negosentro.com | Office removals are not just about picking up your laptop and heading to the new office space. It requires a lot of planning and organization if you want to do it right. Smooth office removals are essential so that your employees feel good about it and your business can keep on running as if nothing happened. For this to happen, you may want to reach out to a company with the right expertise. For instance, if you look for office removalist Sydney based companies, you will find many great options suitable for your needs and budget. That’s why be sure to read our guide on office removals and learn everything you need to know.

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Figure 1 Office removals are complex because they involve more people, and can affect the business

Prepare for the move

The golden rule when it comes to office removals is to start planning on time. The most efficient way to handle an office relocation is preparing the moving schedule, a to-do list, and a moving budget a couple of months in advance. This way you can do all the tasks on time, follow the progress of your preparations and solve issues is they happen along the way. Moving budget is important to make so you can see how much you can spend, and don’t have unnecessary costs. When hiring office moving experts, be sure to ask them about the moving quote – it needs to be transparent, detailed and easy to understand.

Announce the office relocation to the relevant people

Even though you are the one who is responsible for the office move, it is important to announce it to the people relevant to your business. This includes your employees, partners, and clients. Your employees need to know the most important things about the office move so they can prepare for it as well. It’s best to have a dedicated meeting where you can introduce them to the details of the move – time and date, location, assignments, etc. Your clients and partners need to know about the relocation, too. This way you can continue working with them as soon as you move – so be sure to announce your move, on social media, for example.

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Figure 2 Teamwork is important – be sure to include your team into office relocation

Compare the old and the new office space

Unless you are moving into a significantly bigger office space, be sure to compare the floor plans of the old and new office space. By doing that, you can make a plan where all the items go and what is the place for each employee. This way it will be much easier and faster to move in since you already worked out where each desk or shelf goes.

Declutter your office

Because of the tasks like this, it is necessary to start the relocation planning in advance. Decluttering your office is essential to do for many reasons. Firstly, by removing all the items you don’t use or need, you make more space at the new office. Next, you’ll have fewer items to pack, which also means lower moving costs. Relocation is also the perfect chance to update some of the old electronics or furniture. You can buy new office furniture after you move in – this way the moving costs can be much lower.

Focus on choosing a trustworthy mover

You want your office to be safe, right? That’s why you need to choose a moving team carefully. The moving business has become so developed, and that’s great, but this brings many fraudulent companies, too. That’s why be sure to double check who you hire or choose someone recommended by a person you trust. Even so, be sure to have a couple of choices. You should take moving quotes from at least two or three companies so you can compare the prices and conditions. Our recommendation goes to the Master Moving Guide, a safe office removals professional.

Pack your office right

If you pack your office by yourself, be sure to start on time and ask your employees to help you out. Staying organized during packing and moving will help you avoid potential damage to your expensive equipment and save you a lot of money. When packing your office be sure to:

prepare good-quality packing supplies – you can get them at your moving company. You’ll need sturdy moving boxes, a lot of tape, sharpies, bubble wrap, scissors, packing paper, etc.

pack room by room – this way it will be easier to unpack each room

label everything – write the details about each box. It will be a huge time-saver when you need to find and unpack a specific box.

divide important documents – go through your papers and pack important documents separately

pack electronics safely – monitors, laptops and other pieces of electronics are very fragile and sensitive to tumbling and temperature  That’s why you need to make sure to pack them correctly to avoid damaging them and losing important files. Furthermore, be sure to label all the cables so you can reconnect them easily when you set up the electronics at your new office.

Figure 3 PAcking office items is very tricky so be sure to do it right alt.tag: laptop on an office desk

Don’t forget to update your office details

Be sure to update all the necessary details about your office.  You need to change your address and contact information on your website, social media profiles, Google, etc.  Don’t forget to do this on time so your clients can find you easily. Your office address can be changed online – which is very easy and fast. Furthermore, the new address and phone number will require an update on your printed goods – business cards, calendars, envelopes, etc.

home renovation - NegosentroDecorate the new office

Office relocation is the perfect chance to start fresh. Make sure to decorate your office in a different way your old office looked like. This is one of the ways to increase productivity with your employees and give a fresh look to the new space. Include some new plants, hang some modern posters or paintings, or get some cool stationery for each desk.

As you can see, office removals include a lot of steps and details. That’s why doing it step-by-step is the key to success. If you prepare everything on time, you can be sure that your office’s downtime will be reduced to a minimum. Your new office space will start working as soon as you arrive.

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