Ever Wondered What People Think of Your Photographs?

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NegosentroClick click snap snap – we’ve all been there – taking countless photos to find an iconic masterpiece that would propel us into the professional photographer category. We’re all dreamers – or are we?

First, let’s talk image apps and sites.

There’s a plethora of photo sharing related apps and sites on the internet at our disposal that will readily consume our photographs at every opportunity with a simple upload – but things have gone a little stale according to recent feedback. The reality is, us as consumers are fussy. Really fussy. We have high expectations of apps and websites and, perhaps more importantly, future development of those apps and websites. It’s the human need to want more – and I, totally unashamedly, are one of these people.

I’m bored of Instagram and I’m underwhelmed by many other image related sites – they all seem a little monotonous and ‘samesy’. Recently, I did my normal midnight trawl of the interwebs to see if I could find anything different and I stumbled across a site that intrigued me – the site is called ClickASnap.

Firstly, let me explain what ClickASnap is. This is a site that allows people from every walk of life to share their images with the world – but there is a catch here – they’ll pay you. Yep, you heard that right – for the picture that you’ve taken you could be paid and it’s based simply on how many people view your photo (impressions). Think of a YouTube type of monetisation method with views – then you’re along the right tracks.

But why is this exciting?

We all know that through Instagram and other image sharing apps most of the monetisation there is made from influencers being paid from advertisers. At ClickASnap, you don’t need to be a Kardashian to earn money from your photos – that one perfect picture of Mr Biggles (your hypothetical cat) could be worth a truck load – if people like what they see and get sharing.

This means that photographers can really start to share their work with the world and be remunerated for it – and you don’t even have to be a professional. You could be someone that seldom takes photos or you could be seasoned snapper – everyone has the same potential to earn.


I’d like to revert back for a second to my original point where I stated that we all long to be in the professional photographer category – and I think this is the type of community where you’d be able to get the feedback you need. Sharing your photos online for feedback with ClickASnap will allow others to critique your work, give you pointers on how to improve and really offer opportunity to people wanting to get into the photography field (all whilst making a passive income)

Final Thoughts

I think when we look at social networking on the whole – it’s fair to say that platforms such as ClickASnap do bring a breath of fresh air as it gives us a different way of viewing and critiquing images online.
Although still fairly in its infancy, I can see ClickASnap becoming a leading player in its class – I mean, afterall, who doesn’t like to be paid for work that doesn’t feel like work? I’m off to snap some pictures – see you all later.