Entrepreneurship Lessons from Millennial Women Leaders

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Negosentro.com | Today, Millennials make up the majority of the workforce. With nearly 30% of Millennials holding a manager position and as many of them seeing themselves reaching these high positions in the next year, we can see that this is one strong and ambitious generation. And here’s some other good news: Millennial women are slowly closing the gender gap, outpacing men in higher education and reaching leadership positions. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur leader, here are some of the best tips from your fellow Millennial boss women.

Be humane

Being a good leader doesn’t mean you need to be a tyrant. Best leaders love to be the part of the team, listen their employees, take advice and collaborate in order to navigate the business world. Millennial women leaders know how to work with others in order to find the best solutions and know how to use every team member’s strength. The three Ps—passion, persistence and people—are key to success in the entrepreneurship world.

Don’t fake it

Know both your strengths and your weaknesses before you plunge into the business world. If you need, you can create a list of all the things you’re good and not so good at and make sure not to fake it. Don’t try to be something you’re not: your intuition, your emotions and your instincts are super valuable in business world of today. There are many failed entrepreneurs who tried to take someone else’s path and ended up hating the job and sucking at it. It’s always better to decide on your own plan and mission. Live by your own values, not others.

Be calculated

Women entrepreneurs love to brag about being fearless and bold, so they tend to take unnecessary risks that can endanger their business. A successful Millennial woman leader doesn’t act like that. She takes risks, but only those that are calculated and only those with desirable outcomes. That’s what’s makes her a good leader that’s surrounded by people who feel safe under her management.

Dress the part

While this is the 21st century and the way you look and dress isn’t as important for business as it used to be, looking professional is still a smart idea. When you look ready for work, you’ll feel much more decisive and people will take you more seriously. However, make sure to dress in accordance with your industry. If you’re in IT or retail, feel free to take things up a notch with pants suits and jackets, but if you’re in fashion or entertainment, you can go a little bolder with colors, cuts and patterns. There are amazing dress stores online where you can grab your flowery dresses and printed shirts or just scour them for inspiration. Pair your bolder items with something timeless and simple, and you’ll look both attractive and professional.

Come prepared

Don’t let your first management experience come after you lunch your business. You can devote weeks to reading materials and watching tutorials, but management in theory is one thing and management in practice is a completely another gig. If you think you’re ready to manage anything within the few weeks or months of studying management, you’re most likely wrong. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of homework before you start your business. You need to study the market, evaluate ideas and craft a good business plan—do all of those before the opening of your company.

Don’t fear failure

Fear is the worst enemy of entrepreneurs. Sure, starting your own business takes guts, but make sure to push through that fear. And don’t do everything alone! There are excellent financial coaches that offer support and advice and allow people to reach their business dreams. And remember: failure can be the best gift you’ll ever receive. If you accept it and learn from it, it will give back to you and allow you to grow and become the best leader any company would wish for.

There’s one thing all Millennial women entrepreneurs have and that’s their famous “can do” attitude. This is what drives them to success and it’s what can help you reach your business goals. Being an entrepreneur requires determination, guts and willingness to change, adapt and grow. If you develop the right plan and find your strengths, you’ll not only lead your business to success but also be the best boss to your employees.

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