Energy Saving Roof Replacement Tips

Roof Replacement

Terence Devon, Negosentro |  When it comes to roof contractors, there are a lot of services that you can expect. These include roof replacement, repair of roofs, re-roofing and construction defects as they have a huge team of people to serve the residents at all times. The roofers also offer you with free inspection of the roofs of your home and also provide you with free quotes. The pricing offered in the residential roofing services area with them is cost effective, competitive and will not make a hole in your pocket. Besides, they also give you an option to pay via credit card and have interesting finance schemes if you hire them. One of these is the customized maintenance programs, leak identification and repair, emergency repair crew, roof inspections, roof restoration and cleaning, concrete, slate and clay steep tiling, asphalt steep shingles, slope roofing and elastomeric coating services amongst others.

Roof replacement for energy savings is one of the major attractions and provides you with a variety of roofing styles and techniques to choose from, both for commercial roofing and residential roofing. They provide roofing solutions by suggesting roofs that are energy saving, cost effective, are in adherence to the climatic conditions of the town. For example, if someone is living in the climate of Las Vegas situated on an arid dessert floor is generally hot and dry in summer and pleasant in winter at times frequented by torrential flash floods. With a city that is mostly sunny throughput the year with hardly any rainfall, temperatures in the summer months can go up to 40◦C in the morning and about 21◦C at night. Winters temperatures are around 15 -16◦C. The right roof replacement can aid in the same.

Cooling roof solutions

At hot and humid cities, will prefer your house to be cool. Air-conditioners and coolers are a solution but you cannot completely rely on the same for the whole day as keeping your coolers on 24/7 will raise your electricity bills to a great extent. Thus, ideal roofing will provide the perfect solution for saving energy.  The roofers will advise you to have a light-colored roof. Light colored roofs are generally built with light colored tiles, which reflect heat, and thus helps keep your home or commercial establishment naturally cool. White and light-colored roofs act as high solar reflect-ants.

  • Cool roofs are the best ways to handle global warming by solar radiation management as it prevents your home and office from getting heated up and also emits the harmful infra-red radiation from our planet. Apart from cool roofs the green roofs are also a great way to conserve energy. Green roofs have an insulation layer made of gravel, clay, or plastic that soaks in water and keeps the building cool. 
  • Experts advices you against having dark colored in their endeavor to conserve energy. Dark colored roofs will absorb more heat especially if the building covers a large area, and will obviously raise your electricity bills to a great extent.
  • It will also increase air pollution and will not reflect back the harmful infra-red rays of the sun. Thus, the best energy saving tip is to have cool roofs as the white reflective membranes, metal roofing, coated roofs and planted or green roofs reduces heat generation, gets your electricity bill down by 15%-20%, improves the longevity of the roof, reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and conserves energy. 

Apart from coloring your roof white or any light color, another energy saving tip is to use galvanized sheet during roof replacement to prevent heat. Cool roofs are not just energy savers but also improves roof durability and reduces building cooling loads. Apart from attic insulations, these cool roofs are the best kind of roofs you can have.