Employee Motivation Tips for Small Business Owners

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Small business owners don’t have endless resources to motivate their employees, unlike bigger companies that can afford to offer incentives or pay their employees fat salaries. Therefore, most of them overlook the importance of employee motivation. However, as a business owner, you understand the importance of motivating employees in increasing employee productivity. Fortunately, you can still use the limited resources in your small business to satisfy your employees and enhance their productivity. Besides, money is not the only way you can motivate your employees; hence, you can choose one or more of these non-monetary ways, which also act as performance indicators to motivate employees.

Have flexible terms of work location

Small business owners can consider allowing their employees to work from depending on the nature of their roles. It is a simple practice that can go a long way in giving you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your field. After all, allowing your staff to work from home doesn’t affect your business negatively. Alternatively, you can fix some days for your staff to work from home while other days they come to work from the office. In fact, some employees are more productive when they work from home as opposed to when they work from the office.

Offer small perks

Small perks can be very instrumental in the productivity of your employees in the short-term especially when they get them unawares. You can consider treating your staff to bagels and cakes randomly, and the results of such actions will reflect in their productivity. In fact, small perks can do wonders for your organization especially when you roll them out in moderation. Additionally, you can consider scheduling some fun activity regularly, such as sporting activities. Besides, sporting activities also encourage team building, which is crucial to the success of small businesses. The fun activities can be done at least once a week or on a monthly basis.

Employee empowerment

One of the best ways small business owners can motivate their employees is by allowing them to be part of the decision-making process and giving them more responsibilities than before. It is a simple strategy that can turn your employees’ motivation around. The approach avoids frustrations from employees where they feel that they are held responsible for mistakes they didn’t have control over, such as lack of resources to complete a task.

Old-fashioned pat on the back

One of the most natural and most effective, yet most overlooked ways of motivating your employees is by recognizing their efforts. Everyone wants to be appreciated especially after they have done extraordinary things or when they go an extra mile to produce quality work. When your employees have made significant sales, you can appreciate them individually by offering them a day-off or thank them face-to-face. In fact, research shows that organizations that have employee recognition programs record a lower employee turnover as compared to organizations that don’t have such programs.

Encourage innovation and creativity

Organizations that don’t encourage their employees to express their creative ideas because they fear to be ridiculed or ignored cannot make it to the list of staff motivators. In fact, the organization suffers the consequences of such practices. In fact, you can offer your employees the opportunity to know about the products or jobs that they can give ideas for improvement. That way, you create a friendly environment that makes them feel wanted and valued because they have the opportunity to contribute to enhancements in the organization through their ideas.

Encourage an open line of communication

Small businesses have the advantage of employees being connected to its staff more than large organizations. Besides, staff members can realize their impact on the organization more than employees working in large corporations. Therefore, you can use that to your advantage by encouraging open communication lines with your employees. You should have regular communications with your employees and let them express how they feel about the progression of the business and contribute their ideas so that they feel that they are part of the organization.

Increasing employee motivation in the workplace can be extremely difficult, but it doesn’t have to be with these simple tips. If you work to implement each of these tips, you will quickly increase the motivation of your employees, increasing your company’s results as well.

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