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Employee Appreciation Ideas Everyone in Your Team Will Love

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Negosentro.comLowering worker turnover rates is a continuous objective for most companies. Strategies, like providing gift cards and putting your staff on the company’s website, are advantageous in developing a motivated workforce. These are just some of the ways to show your appreciation.

The Gallup survey states that recognizing workers is a strategy that is not only inexpensive but can create huge rewards for your company, too. The study also concluded that the workers who perform to the best of their abilities have a desire for recognition and appreciation. Whatever your approach may be, here are some employee appreciation ideas everyone in your team will love.


  • Incorporate a mentoring program


It is possible that a part of your workforce will desire to progress within your company, but doesn’t have the necessary confidence to do so. If you implement a mentoring program, you will be able to guide junior employees and allow senior team members to improve training and communication skills. 


  • Gamify it – the cool method


“Gamify it” is a recognition program designed in a way that enables employees to earn badges for hitting particular milestones related to the company’s important metrics. Imagine it as a video game achievements program in the real-world – complete with custom-designed badges for unlocking milestones and participating in the company’s campaigns.

Through this program, workers are rewarded in elaborate style during the team’s weekly meetings. The coolest part is that some of the achievements are kept hidden until you unlock them, ensuring that the experience is full of enjoyment-inducing Easter eggs.


  • Gift cards – the safe method


Everyone in your team will certainly love gift cards. Gift cards offer seamless convenience – their recipients are empowered with choice and strengthened with an easy payment method. 

However, in order to use them to their fullest extent, remember to use those originating from your own country. For instance, Australian residents should go with a prepaid visa card, while those from the U.S should look for their own local company. This is done to reduce the risk of fraud. As a result of recent rashes of credit card theft and data breaches, you need to be sure that you’re working with a local company that offers the most recent technologies in producing them. 


  • Presenting the staff on your website – the new way


Go to your website. Does it only speak about the company’s CEO level? Can your team members be found there? How can your clients get to know your team before they even show up at your doorstep?

Although it isn’t possible to put everyone on your website – particularly if you’re running a big company, or for privacy purposes – consider putting at least some part of your staff on your site and let them write their own bios.


  • Writing a letter – the old way


Most workers are accustomed to electronic communication, so it can be quite a nice surprise when you take the time and effort to write a thank you letter by yourself. The letter needs to detail what the worker has achieved and how it makes a difference to your company.


  • Help them with the commute


Transportation is expensive if you consider that not all workers stay near their workplace. Although it isn’t possible to cover all transportation expenses, you could still consider helping out by paying for seasonal parking at your office property or gifting a bus or train concession pass to help them with their monthly costs.

For conclusion, we bring another top advice – which is about not missing the anniversaries. A recent study discovered that workers were likely to leave after a year of employment. Newer generations move around more in their careers. Since this happens, don’t let the anniversary of a worker’s hire go unnoticed. Reward them for staying on board. Calling attention to them will let the other staff member see that you not only appreciate your workers but also back them up.

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