Email Tips: Five Easy Ways to Improve Emails to Customers

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Estella Cubero, Negosentro |  Many American workers spend more than six hours reading emails or at least checking them throughout the day. This is just one reason many businesses try to do their best to reach their customers through emails. Furthermore, more Americans seem to be increasing their attention span when reading emails, which means that they could be more engaged with your content. The following are a few tips to help improve your emails.

  1. Value is Vital

Online users are a savvy bunch, and they want to read good information that helps them one way or another. It is important to provide value in each email that is sent. You need to create a culture that expects real information that is going to be helpful to your readers. This not only encourages clicks, but it also pushes readers to share the information that you share. You always want to make sure that your content is fresh, even if you are simply taking a new angle on an old subject.

  1. Focus

Readers do not like emails that are stuffed with information or content that does not match the central focus of the email. You want to focus your email, and stick with the theme throughout the letter. This does not mean you cannot add additional links at the bottom of the email, but try to keep the meat of the email on point. Many first-timers make the mistake of oversharing, which can feel overwhelming to readers, and this makes them lose interest quicker than you would like them to.

  1. Show Exclusiveness

Email subscribers like to feel like they are special or like they are getting something out of their continued subscription to your emails. You want to show them that they are appreciated. You can do this by offering first-hand looks at upcoming promotions or even the promotions themselves. In essence, you want to offer your readers information that regular visitors to your site are not privy to. You can also provide gifts to your readers through your emails to show them that you care.

  1. Be Surprising

There are many important email marketing best practices, and a popular one might be to utilize the essence of surprise. You want to make a specific campaign to keep your audience in suspense. Try to work in a surprise whenever possible like a contest, or just try to announce new activities that are taking place in your company. One type of news that readers may want to hear about is a new podcast where you or someone in your company shares important information that your readers would like to know. You can also announce events that are going to take place in your establishment. What you want to do is make your emails exciting, which could help nurture a very active culture with your customers.

  1. Use Buttons

Internet users love simplicity, and you need to give them that as much as possible, especially in emails. One way that you can do this is by incorporating buttons. Online readers and users love buttons. Find ways to put all of your links on buttons instead of links. For some reason, online readers find it appealing to click a button; it is almost instinctive. Now, this does not mean you should oversaturate your email with buttons, which may defeat your purpose. You want to place your most important links on buttons and do so in a way that looks appealing. Make sure that your buttons look nice and match your site or email’s overall theme.

These are just a few easy tips that may help improve your emails. Sure, there are many other changes you can make to your emails to improve them like providing games to your readers, just for a bit of fun. Still, hopefully, some of these changes help push you in the right direction.

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