7 E-mail Marketing Stats You Should Know Before 2020

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Negosentro|There was a time when it used to take days or even weeks to deliver a message from one person to another person. But that is history, while with the passage of time, transportation, and communications, both have developed at a much rapid pace, and everything seems accessible in the palm of your hands. People have been using electronic mail services since the ’70s, and it never seems to be out of fashion to date. It also is unquestionably an integral part of your marketing strategy, since the digital age doesn’t allow any businesses to survive without SEO. The approach with a way forward suggests hiring professional consultants who are aware of the local industry. However, you shouldn’t look any further if you are searching for the best SEO agency in Singapore, which can favor you with a centric approach by helping you devise better strategies to make your business stand out in the coming years Email Marketing Stats.

Several advertisers have challenged the very presence of e-mail advertising on various digital marketing platforms. Although e-mail marketing is very often considered an outdated stream, it definitely isn’t. In the last four decades, e-mail marketing has developed significantly and is still strongly evolving in the field. This transition reflects the fact that advertisers often try to keep up with changes in the industry and to be ready for the future Email Marketing Stats.

Let’s go through the following seven e-mail marketing stats you should know to thrive in the future.


Automated e-mail


E-mail automation has been around for 10 years and has changed dramatically only to improve. Data has become much more available to marketers with the introduction of Marketing Cloud Services. It continues as artificial intelligence is incorporated into e-mail marketing, thus sharing the customer experience and improving the performance of e-mail campaigns.Increasing the use of artificial intelligence and computer education will also make it easier for e-mail marketers to set standards for performance. The transformation and increase of these workflows will also contribute to the client’s life cycle phases. 

Around 82 percent of experts were found to be sending e-mails of 60 characters or fewer subject lines. The study found that the subject lines are on average 43.85 characters long, which indicates that e-mails with subject lines are significantly shorter than 60 characteristics.

To advertisers, what does that mean? 

It is important not to take too long to ensure subject lines. You must also bear that when people view content on their mobile apps, the small size of the screen and the other material shown in that limited space can make long subject lines frustrating Email Marketing Stats.


Analytics Interaction


According to a survey, an average of 2.5 hours are spent on reviewing your private inboxes at work and on working e-mails. In addition, some people check private e-mail accounts and some even search before they get off the bed Email Marketing Stats.

For the advertisers, what does this mean?

Checking e-mail has been done by people in every step of the day and they do not distinguish e-mails from the job they do. As such, you don’t have to wait until sending out of business hours’ random messages. Just be mindful that before you quit the office, people can browse e-mails and don’t take action on them. Marketers must be ready in the year 2020 to update the segments with real-time data, in addition to competitive customer segmentation. In the past, the corresponding portion of the list had to be exported manually. Dynamic segmentation allows the lists to be updated instantaneously, based on the previous customer interactions with the database and without human intervention.


More accessible e-mails


Statistic data shows that the number of e-mails received and sent steadily increases. By 2022, the figure is projected to exceed 347 billion per day. It should also be noted that the figure in 2018 was 269 billion. For an already high number of e-mails, this is a rapid growth rate.E-mail marketers and developers are working to develop e-mails that are more available for every client and for those who are especially capable. In 2020, e-mail coding will become easier to ensure that e-mails are fully accessible. For each picture, the text will be used to help e-mails read by screen readers by visually impaired bounders and to understand the meaning of the e-mail.

By 2020, the development of open e-mails will improve significantly which eventually expands the scope of your e-mail marketing strategy.

For advertisers, what does this mean? 

Such numbers suggest an increase in the number of e-mail users, which is overall positive. Nonetheless, you may also find it more difficult to get messages out with the increasing number of e-mails. It is important for users to create e-mail topic lines and corporate content. We could never open them otherwise.


Dynamic schemes


With more and more people accessing e-mails on mobile devices, you can model e-mails designed for mobile devices rather than desks or computers. The safest bet is to combine interactivity with reactivity. Whereas interactivity was simply used as an entertainment and attention tool for the subscribers, it will be used in the coming years as a working feature Email Marketing Stats.

For advertisers, what does this mean?

It would not be enough to simply add a GIF or embed a clip on the message. The recipient should be given some value which will help the advertiser’s e-mail to be certainly seen. About 66% of mobile users delete non-mobile optimized e-mails.


Improved engagement as a top priority


An Adestra and Ascend report from 2018 profiled some of the key trends in e-mail marketing. It reported that 66 percent of respondents said their highest priority was increased e-mail marketing engagement. So, 46 percent said that the lack of e-mail participation created an obstacle to progress. It’s not shocking.

For advertisers, what does this mean?

It’s no secret that people have conflicting applications. The above research gives an insight into this fact of e-mail marketing. The need to achieve better levels of commitment should not make e-mail marketing transparent to you. Instead, carry out a thorough investigation into which variables the audience will most likely engage.


Content created by the consumer


For all marketing channels, like e-mails, user-generated content works well. It increases your loyalty to the customer and builds your confidence. How often did you buy a product simply because they had great customer reviews? Okay, I did it quite often, to be frank. In the e-commerce sector, this strategy works very well. According to 3d cart, 82% of e-mails are absolutely valuable and 70% of customers have reviews or ratings before making an order.

For advertisers, what does this mean?

Mail users are three times more likely than other platforms to post content on social media. It means that integrated social media provides the maximum user-generated content for future use.You can even demand customer feedback via e-mail and aim for more sophisticated products or services.


Shopping Cart Left E-mails


People leave their online shopping carts for a number of reasons before making their purchases. You may feel that shipping costs are too high to complete the checkout process or you don’t want to create accounts. Sale Cycle data indicates that sales increase by 6.33 percent when a shopping cart abandonment e-mail is sent within an hour of leaving the website.

For advertisers, what does this mean?

Do not conclude that shoppers are not encouraged to make purchases or any attempts are too hard to do so. Sending an e-mail saying that “Hey, it looks like you have forgotten to do something” might encourage shoppers to decide that they want their items.

Wrap up

These seven statistics and evaluations will support you in designing and executing your marketing campaigns in 2020.

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