Effective Training Strategies for New Hires

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When your company is just starting out, it can be easier to get by without focusing on training. However, as you grow, the difficulties mount. Different employees have different needs and your ability to handle all of this while growing your company can become impossible. You need solid training strategies if you are going to succeed, so here are some great ways to accomplish it:


Every company will reach a point where they wonder if they should start up their HR department or not. It might seem like a hassle, but in the end, a proper approach to HR can make all the difference.

The importance of human resources is in the long term success of your business. HR personnel are like the advocates of your employees. Whereas great salespeople and customer service agents are meant to turn your customers into loyal lifelong fans, the HR team’s job is to do the same thing for your employees at your company so they want to stay on board and deliver their best work.

Getting your HR in place can help you handle strategic hiring so that your team aligns with your goals. They can do the work of sifting through resumes and hiring them to make sure they are qualified and a great fit for your company. Then, they can handle the payroll, the benefits, the vacations, and even the onboarding for you. Speaking of which, here is a great strategy for the onboarding process:

Digitize and Automate the Process

When you are training new hires, there will be a lot of things that each person needs to do, learn, and understand before they are ready to contribute to your business. This takes a lot of man hours if you do it manually. In addition, things can get inconsistent if you don’t have a solid system for this in place.

Leverage technology to avoid missing out on efficiency and the errors from doing the same training with different trainers every time. Create videos that walk your new hires through each step of their new job, bit by bit. Post these videos in the cloud such as in Dropbox or a similar storage service. Then, simply have your employees spend time with these new digital courses that you have created. This can be applied with everything from sales, to IT, to management, and even filing their W2’s and other forms. It also saves you a bundle of time.

Sales as a Focus

Sales are what make your business turn. They can create profit and cash flow so that you can generate investment income for other areas of your business, move into new markets, and act swiftly to correct errors. This is especially important in the down economy swings, so don’t discount this even if the economy is booming at the moment.

For sales training, you need to embrace a newer way of doing things. Long gone are the days where employees wanted to simply manipulate consumers into buying something by withholding information. Instead, this actually creates distrust in your brand.

Customers today have a world of information at their fingertips. Assume that they have already researched the product before stepping foot in your office or hopping on the phone with you. Train your employees to always have as much information as possible about your brand, the competitors, and what the customers’ likely pain points will be. In the digital age, information wins and it starts with training your people to value it more.

If you want to grow your company without sacrificing quality, then you need to be able to get the right people on board. Furthermore, you have to train them the right way so they can be a valuable member of your team and support your overall goals. Having the right training strategies is crucial to this. Without them, you will risk falling behind in innovation and customer service. So implement the tips above and enjoy more peace of mind and better results.

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