Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Home

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Emma Joyce, Negosentro |  Renovating your home and making it more eco-friendly is literally the best thing you could do for your living space and the only way to actually make a difference in the world. With the quality of our eco-system constantly dropping, we need to do our share of the work and contribute in our own small and special way. An eco-friendly home isn’t just going to elevate the quality of your life, but also raise the quality of air in your neighborhood, and if all of us did that, the world would be a much healthier place. So, if you too are thinking about renovating your home and are unsure how to do it in an environmentally-aware way, here are a couple ideas you might find helpful.

Reclaimed wood

This is probably one of the best ideas in the world, yet it’s still not as popular as it should. Whatever you’re renovating, you’re probably going to need a ton of wood – from structural support to furniture – so why don’t you opt for reclaimed sources instead of new ones? Yes, having brand new wooden furniture is wonderful, but it’s not eco-friendly at all, while pieces made from reclaimed wood are amazing on several levels: they’re less toxic, more visually appealing and definitely easier to clean and maintain. Therefore, visit your local flea market and check out the offer of second-hand furniture there as soon as possible.


Lots of old houses are equipped with an old fireplace in the middle of the living room and their owners are actively figuring out a way to utilize it. That’s why these fireplaces aren’t used just as focal points anymore but are actually crucial parts of the heating system. Using wood instead of gas or electricity instantly makes your home much more energy-efficient, but using wood in a fireplace is what’s going to take you to a whole new level. Luckily, you don’t have to invest a ton of money into renovating your fireplace and making it functional again, although you can always spice things up and decorate it a bit.

Solar panels

This might be too extravagant for some people, but keep in mind that installing solar panels and utilizing the power of the Sun is among the most natural ways to power up your home all day long. Although the initial investment can be quite costly – besides the panels, you need to include solar batteries to preserve your power, a few reliable SMA inverters that convert your solar power into electric, as well as a ton of cables – these panels start paying for themselves quite quickly, especially if you live in a hot area with lots of sunny days. Start with just two or three panels and see how well they work for you, and then add a couple more once you assess how effective they are.

Recycled glass

This is another recycling idea, but while at least some people know about the wonders of reclaimed wood, very few are aware how amazing recycled glass is. Whether you’re installing new glass doors or replacing your windows, going with recycled glass is going to save you a serious amount of money, while the overall eco-friendly effect of your home will surely reach new limits. Don’t forget that bio-glass is the material of the future and you can use it every room of your house, no matter how many windows you have!


Lots of people donate their clothes and things they don’t need anymore, but are you aware how popular and beneficial donating furniture and building material can be? This isn’t a renovating technique per se, but it’s still among the finest and most thoughtful ideas out there, and definitely something you should explore too. Organize a yard sale, offer your furniture to your neighbors and your unwanted closets, cabinets and coffee tables might become the focal points of someone else’s home. Moreover, what you consider waste – from appliances to doors, flooring and building material – can be reused over and over again, so explore the power of donating right away.

Some of these options may sound quite extreme and unusual at first, but are definitely effective and useful, so try them out and turn your home into the eco-friendly place you’ve always wanted!

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