Earn and Save Money while Shopping Online


Maria Suzanne Plana | Negosentro.com

Online shopping is tricky, it is so easy and accessible that you cannot help but overspend sometimes. If you are an avid user of online shopping websites, check out Shopback. With this cashback website, you can earn and save money while shopping online.

Shopback is a well-known cashback website in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. The website works through the commissions gained from partner online shopping stores which they then share to their users. This helps you earn money while purchasing online.

Aside from their cashback service, Shopback also offers coupon codes that can be found on their coupon section. There, you get to shop with the best deals by availing coupons and by being informed about on-going sales on different online shopping websites.

There are also a wide array of websites, both local and international, that are partnered with Shopback. Therefore, you don’t only have more choices but also you get to discover more products and brands.

In the Philippines, Shopback is in partnership with leading banks like BDO, BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), MetroBank, and more, which ensures easy cash out. However, it is important to know that your cashback will only be redeemable after 30-60 days after being confirmed by their partner stores.

To avail their services, simply sign-up and shop at Shopback.ph. They are also available for other countries like US (shopback.com), Singapore (shopback.sg), and Malaysia (shopback.my).

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