Dos And Don’ts Of A Pivotal Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is not a new concept. In fact, did you know that digital marketing started over 20 years ago? A lot has changed since then. What worked then, may not work now. You need to change the schematic, so to speak. Digital marketing is one of those concepts that need to be reinvented every few years.

These 10 tips might also be helpful.

1) Your blog needs to deliver a powerful and useful message to your customers. Things like online surveys and comments on social media can be helpful. They give you some idea of what your customers are thinking and what needs to be changed. Do a face-to-face interview with some of your customers sometimes. You might be surprised at how candid and honest they are with you. Their honesty may also serve as a great business strategy to help change the dynamic of your marketing.

2) Your online content needs to be relevant and useful. Your customers do not care that much about how many blogs you do. They want to know that you are posting something they can use. You could do a thousand blogs about the same thing, and they all mean nothing. Dressing your digital marketing in fancy dress is not going to mean anything if the value is not there.

The same applies to the product and service descriptions. Try to give enough information that might answer their runtime questions when they scroll through your product or service page. Take an example of Rodan and Fields’ lash boost product page and try designing the way they have done.

3) Offer superior quality when it comes to their mobile app experience. Your customers use their phones for everything these days. You have to keep up with the times. A recent study found that more than 90% of your users are using their phones first. Something you should think about.

4) You cannot ignore your social media platforms. Social media is where you are going to find most of your customers. You need to create some kind of business page. You can create one on Facebook for next to nothing. That way your customer base can find you easily. LinkedIn is a great place to start, but Facebook can be a platform too.

5) To know your customers is to understand them. You need to understand why they buy what they buy. You cannot get that from traditional marketing. That is why digital is gaining an impressive lead. Your customer’s view counts. It is the reason you are in business. How can you hope to stay in business if you cannot understand why your customers are coming to you in the first place?

6) Make it personal. Digital marketing is one instance where personalization matters. Tailor your marketing to each specific customer, if possible. People buy what they buy for a reason. There is usually some kind of emotional or personal attachment. Your goal is to figure that out and use it.

7) Did you know that more than 80% of companies use video imaging to help reach their customers? Customers like videos. Your customers want to see images. The written word does not sell as much anymore. Digital imaging does the talking. Include some quality images and videos with your marketing strategies. One small image can increase your traffic exponentially.

8) People love to live stream things. Why do you think that live streaming has gained an 80% momentum in the past two years? People want to see something in real time. That is what live streaming does. Consider that as an option when you plan out your next digital marketing blitz. One live stream can impact your customer base and numbers in a large way.

9) Email is important too. Your customers are going to want to stay in touch with you. An email is still a useful tool. You need to be present. Ignoring a customer’s question through email is not going to help your business.

10) Digital advertising is just as important as the organic methods. You need both to reach your target audience and keep them. Word of advice: Use white hat tricks to gather your customer base. Black hat is illegal. You will be punished for using it.


The digital age is not slowing down, if anything, it is speeding up. There is no way around it. Digital marketing is an important key point to move your business forward in 2018 and beyond. The old ways do not work anymore. We are now in the digital age, and we are not leaving it.

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