Does CBD E-Liquid have the same effect as regular CBD Oils?

CBD Oils

The vast increase in growth of the CBD industry has been something of a revelation. It has continued to expand its market size and consumer base. As such with such a rapid growth, public interest starts to spark a debate on what is this new trend of CBD Vape Oil? Does it actually work? As such this article is here to instill some common sense and informative discussion into the topic. 

What is CBD?

Many may have heard of the acronym CBD but how many people actually know what it stands for? Well CBD also known as Cannabidiol Which is known  for its calming properties and acting as a remedy to chronic pain sufferers and those who unfortunately deal with mental health illnesses.

As such, CBD has a wide range of uses and therefore consumers feel like there needs to be a wide range of products in addition to this.  Thus, manufacturers and distributors need to ensure that they are meeting consumer demands in terms of delivery methods whether that be   vape juice, edibles, creams and capsules. However, the most popular of which is CBD tinctures but we are here to talk about the benefits of using CBD e-liquids. 

The Differences between E-liquid and Regular Oils?

CBD vape juice is fast becoming a very popular and trendy way to consume your daily intake of CBD oil. Therefore, consumers are imploring online sellers to widen their ranges to include new flavours and strengths of e-liquids. This is where E-liquids trump regular CBD oils in that they can provide a whole host of different products to suit the needs of the consumers.

Contrary to popular belief CBD e-liquid does not contain any proper oil. As doing so would harm the consumer as the inhalation of oil can be poisonous. In order to ensure that this is not the case consult your local CBD expert at a store and ask questions surrounding the ingredients of such products. 

The other major difference between CBD E-liquids and that of regular CBD oil is the delivery system. Many CBD oils are dispensed from a tincture vial in that you suck up a dropper full of oil and deposit it up the tongue. However, it is important to note that you can deposit how ever  much oil you like under your tongue the dropper is limited in its dosage. 

Where as CBD E-liquid is not, you can take as many inhalations of a vape pen containing the CBD until you are satisfied with the dosage. This delivery system operates a lot better than that of the tincture method. 

It is also worth saying that although the delivery methods are different you will eventually arrive at the same point as both CBD oil and CBD E-liquid tend to contain similar levels of CBD within each. They are both deposited directly into the bloodstream albeit in different manners but they will still produce the same end effect for the consumers through consumption of the products.

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