Do Advertising Billboards Work?

Do Advertising Billboards Work? Big Advertising
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Do Advertising Billboards Work? | Have you ever looked at a billboard while driving to work or on the way to work and wondered how effective these huge outdoor advertising signs are? If yes, then you’re certainly not all on your own. Many managers and business owners doubt the effectiveness of billboards and whether they will yield the expected return on investment. Since your advertising budget is crucial to your company, you must know your customers’ feelings about billboard advertising.

Captive Audience

Based on the National Arbitron In-Car Study results in the 2009 edition, The median American spends about 20 hours a week in their car, whether as the driver or a passenger. Confident Americans, particularly those with longer commutes, spend more of their daytime hours in their cars instead of watching TV, reading magazines, or listening to the radio. All of these are automobiles that can be used to advertise. When your clients are driving around, making the most of the time is a brilliant idea with a brilliant and strategically planned advertisement in mind.


Based on the Arbitron study that billboards are effective in advertising. In the report, which revealed that 71 % of Americans “often look at the messages on roadside billboards,” most Americans at some point or another heard about an event that enticed them or a restaurant that they later visited. In addition, the study found that 56 percent of Americans were later discussing an amusing billboard they saw driving. A smaller proportion of people tuned into the radio or TV show due to an advertisement on a billboard or the phone number or web address displayed on one.

Buying Decisions

However, getting your billboard seen is only half the task. You must also ensure that your clients respond to the advertisement. Ideally, they will buy something or visit your company. Because 72% of those who see billboards do their shopping on the journey home, and 68 percent make purchases when in the car and billboard advertisements can be a great way to entice the attention of impulsive drivers. The Arbitron study found that 32 % of motorists went to a store they had seen advertised on a billboard in the week. Half of the respondents said that they received directions to a particular business through their billboard advertisement.

Effective Billboards

While these figures may reassure you that billboard advertisements are effective, you’re left with the responsibility of creating creative, engaging, and innovative billboard advertisements that impact the people who see them. Because drivers are already involved with your ad, you’ll need to create one they will remember after they get away from the car. Adverts that are too many happening – such as many images, lots of text, and different styles and colors – could be complicated for drivers to understand while they travel through. Instead, choose short and straightforward advertisements that grab attention immediately. Make sure that your business is prominently and placed so that people can associate the advertisement with your company’s image.


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