Digital Real Estate Services Made Possible by Bancrea Homes

Bancrea Homes, in partnership with developer and mass-housing advocate 8990 Holdings Inc. recently launched their official website, Contrary to the traditional content of real estate websites, theirs includes digital services which answer the needs of potential and existing clients.

Bancrea Homes

The newest Bancrea Homes website features a 24/7 sales and customer service called Ask Rea. A live chat could be used by a customer for their inquiries and concerns as they access the website. Roy Buen, CEO and Founder of Bancrea Homes, saw the need for Ask Rea: 24/7 Live Chat so customers and developers could have constant communication even after closing a deal. This is also for the reason that it has become a habit of sellers to no longer assist their customers after successfully selling a unit to them.

Another digital service from Bancrea Homes is the E-Refer Kita app. Whether you’re an agent or not, you may turn your lead into cash as you refer possible customers. As a referral agent, you would upload your contacts into the app and then get real-time updates so as to earn rewards or referral partner fee. As you sign up, you will be given access to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform where you could monitor the status of your referral. To ensure high conversions and best marketing practices you may want to brush up on the most up to date real estate marketing techniques.

Bancrea Homes
Roy Buen, CEO and Founder of Bancrea Homes during the Website Launch

For prospective home buyers, you may also have a less hassle tour around the real estate properties through Book-A-Tour. Through a ride-sharing app, you could have your visit scheduled on your desired time, for free. All these digital services make it a breeze for home buyers and agents to communicate and interact with Bancrea Homes and 8990 Holdings Inc. First-time home buyers would really benefit from these services as Bancrea Homes assist them as they look for units up until they move in.

Through these newly launched digital services, Bancrea Homes, together with 8990 Holdings Inc. would now be able to deliver good customer service to more people as they fulfill their dream to have a home they could call their own. Add to that, they work together with Pag-Ibig Fund and Home Mortgage Financing Corporation to help the home buyer with their finances.

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