Digital Marketing Tactics For Instagram Stories In 2020

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Image Source: | Digital Marketing Tactics For Instagram Stories In 2020 | Digital Marketing has been a hot topic ever since Facebook introduced business accounts for promotional uses.  The massive array of social media marketing was then discovered and explored for leverage in order to enhance local and international businesses. From public relations to audience engagement, digital marketing facilitates the integration of all marketing tools necessary for the survival of your business in the 21st century.  

Why market your brand on Instagram?

With over 500 Million users, Instagram has emerged as a superpower in the social media regime. The platform has a global reach like no other. Digitally marketing your brand on Instagram will dynamically increase brand awareness and give you a larger audience engagement rate, thereby generating more sales. Having a solid social presence has become obligatory for all types of businesses since more than half of the global population source their data from social media. You always have to be where your market is. 

To ensure that your Digital Marketing Tactics and Strategies are flawless, here are some basic tips for promoting your brand through Instagram Stories 

  • Reposting tagged stories 

When a user mentions your brand on their story, you must acknowledge them and repost the story on your profile. In this way, you increase customer affinity and stimulate steel-strong brand placement. You can increase Word-of-Mouth sales of your brand by using the Instagram video editor to create a compilation of customer testimonials. 

  • CTAs are important 

Your promotional content must consist of striking images and graphics, but most importantly, a Call-To-Action for generating sales. Promotional content must be a mixture of informative/persuasive content plus a CTA. It could be updating your customers of various offers and deals on your brand or sharing the location of your newest outlet. Don’t save CTAs for the end post since it is likely that viewers bounce off after tapping on the second or third slide. When you post a series of stories, add CTAs on frequent intervals instead of just one on the end slide.  

Never undermine your subjects

While posting Instagram stories,  you can use a variety of stickers and gifs to further catch the attention of your viewers. But while you do so, make sure that you place nothing on the subject of the imagery or video. Placing stickers on the brand that’s up for promotion can be a rookie mistake. You may not be able to convey the correct message through Instagram stories if not used discreetly. Always keep your content minimal, precise, catchy, and easy to comprehend. 

Complimentary color combinations

Your stories shall reflect the creativity of your brand. Everything you post on Instagram as part of your Digital Marketing Tactics must resonate with your brand’s identity. It is therefore indispensable that you create virtually appealing IG stories. Don’t be scared to experiment with diverse color palettes and use color blocking to make your stories stand out prominently. Highlight the content of your story with the contrasting color of the background image.  Use Instagram ad makers to create promo videos for Instagram stories. You can customize the size, color, or font of your marketing content and create a pitch-perfect promo video. 

Increasing audience engagement 

Social media marketing is a two-way street. You not only broadcast information but also intake feedback, suggestions, or polls to understand the composition of your viewers. Various promotional tools on Instagram Stories like ‘AskMeAnything’,  ‘Audience Poll’, or ‘Q&A sessions’ are an excellent way to establish a rapport with your users. This increases the audience engagement rate dynamically thereby generating more loyal customers to your brand’s business profile. 

Instagram Live 

Video marketing has been an increasingly popular endeavor in the digital marketing sphere. Statistics suggest that Ig users are more likely to watch videos than read a long content piece. Since image posting can only convey a restrained amount of information at a time, you can now promote your brand more effectively through promo videos.  Instagram’s fairly new promotional tool; IGTV, is an element that helps you host ads and longer videos on your business profile without worrying about the duration of your content. Another Instagram marketing tool is the Insta Live function. During a product launch or award function or even a celebratory event at your workplace, you can garner the attention of your viewers by going live. This live streaming option of Instagram facilitates your viewers with insightful content that increases their trust in your brand.   Make promotional videos for your IGTV streams with Instagram Video Editor. 

With the availability of a diverse range of marketing tools, it is now highly economical and effective to promote your brand in the digital space and enhance your business in order to yield a larger piece of the market share pie. Strategize, execute, and analyze fruitful digital marketing strategies with Instagram and market your brand on the digital forefront. See also, you can get free Instagram followers to greatly enhance your business to some extend.

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