Digital Marketing 2020: Top 5 New Things You Got to Know

New things in digital marketing

Negosentro| Digital Marketing 2020: Top 5 New Things You Got to Know | Digital Marketing is a field that is very dynamic and keeps on changing quite frequently. Trends come and go with each passing year. We are in the mid of 2020, and there are a number of new things happening as far as this field is concerned. Yes, you got it right. Over here, we are talking about the top Digital Marketing trends 2020. Ones that will shape the future of Digital Marketing 2020 and beyond!

If one is associated with Digital Marketing, then one got to be aware of the latest trends. Whether accept it or not, it would make all the difference as far as your Digital Marketing endeavors are concerned. 

So, here are some of the latest trends/new things that the world of Digital Marketing is experiencing at present…

Top Digital Marketing trends 2020 that need to be taken note of Voice apps and voice-based search will continue to dominate.

To tell you the truth, this is not actually a new trend, but one that has continued to dominate. Although voice-based search continues to be the to-go thing for one’s basic needs, there are two areas that show tremendous promise in 2020. 

Long-Tailed Informational Queries

New things in digital marketing SEO

It is termed as Voice Search SEO, and comprises of optimizing content for long-tail queries which are likely to be spoken aloud, providing answers with the help of FAQ markup and creation of content such as recipes, news articles etc., which the Google Assistant can interact with. When these long-tail queries pull traffic on to your website, you can proceed and come up with your customized skill on Alexa or application for the Google Assistant.  

Voice Interactions That is Local Search Based

voice based search

Voice does have a major impact on the local searches and eventually results in valuable phone calls. So as to provide you a fair idea; if one is to go by the statistics, 28% of the consumers who voice searched for a particular business, tend to call it!

Artificial Intelligence

artificial Intelligence

AI definitely ranks there amongst the top trends in Digital Marketing. AI has made its entry into every segment around including Digital Marketing. It is known to play a pivotal role in upcoming innovations in a dominating manner. 

So, one can without a doubt say that 2020 is the year when AI will rule as it is garnering a lot of global business and industry interest. In addition, it promises future-ready innovation accompanied by seamless automation.  

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High-quality content is even more important today

high quality content

High-quality content continues to be the backbone of effective SEO strategies. Online ads becoming more expensive in the coming times with no guarantee in terms of the customers responding to yours being one of the primary reasons behind it. 

Users are always looking for content that is relevant, useful and timely. This is precisely the thing that Google is on the lookout for, and rewards by offering higher search engine rankings. Users seek help from the search engines to find answers to their questions. So, what better than your webpage delivering the expected answers!

The content got to be properly researched and should possess a logical structure. This makes a finding the content and reading it easier.

A website’s popularity in 2020 and beyond will thus be defined by none other than informative and quality content. 


online webinars

Webinars is one thing that has gained traction online, particularly with higher-end views and subscriptions. Webinars can be said to be amongst those captivating trends that has taken the Digital Marketing arena by storm. The biggest advantage with this mode of live web conferencing is that it permits both audio and video events to take place even from remote locations. This has served to be a mega-push to interact and engage with the customers from just about any place, and at any point of time. 

Webinars have proved to be cost-effective as the next big thing in Digital Marketing as they enable real-time connectivity and interaction between the presenter and the audience. 

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Video is No More an Option

video content

The video will continue to grow and other than being the 2nd largest search engine to Google, YouTube is our new TV. As many as 6 out of 10 individuals preferred YouTube over TV in the past year. This says it all. Youngsters watch on-line videos to gain information. Video happens to be a powerful medium as far as SEO is concerned. Deploying YouTube or any other video platform to furnish videos on Google has become a strategy after all. The inclusion of structured data here is mandatory, and it results in engaging user experience.

Thus, being aware of these and other upcoming trends, and going by them, will help you to become successful in Digital Marketing. Way to go!

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