5 Ways Digital Document Management Can Boost Your Bottom Line


Negosentro.com | Have you ever wondered just how much of your workday you spend shuffling papers? Recent data show that professionals spend more than twice as much time looking for documents as they do reading them. Document management software has arrived on the scene to solve this and other paper-based document challenges.

Digital document management is a set of automated processes designed to simplify retrieving, managing, and storing business files. The ability to electronically track document management workflow can facilitate more comprehensive manager oversight as well as better employee productivity. Each of these advantages has the potential to improve workplace morale and increase revenue. This discussion of the full range of benefits may help you decide whether going paperless is a good strategy for your business.


The unique skill set you apply to your work is the value you bring to your organization. The time you and others spend finding, faxing, scanning, copying, and filing paper documents can eclipse valuable time needed to properly manage your company. Today’s document management standard requires fast access and management of information. Electronic document management accomplishes this. Files can be easily retrieved from any location with a simple word, phrase, or tag. These features can significantly increase workplace efficiency, minimize human error, and allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. Document management then becomes a useful tool rather than a time-consuming chore.


Often several parties, departments, or locations are working on the same project and need to access and process the same documentation. With paper file management systems, users need to be physically present to access the hard files they need. If the documents have been removed by another party, you may have to spend valuable time tracking them down. This can contribute to employee stress and diminish morale.

Automated document management allows multiple users to access files and collaborate on projects from anywhere there is an internet connection – you can also use an electronic signature tool to make the team collaboration even easier.

. In addition, with greater visibility of business processes, workflow monitoring is simplified. All authorized users will have instant access to previous versions of documents so a project’s evolution is easy to observe.


Organizations depend on document security and confidentiality both for compliance and corporate integrity reasons. Digital document management provides tools to help you keep sensitive information safe and secure. Internal data breaches can be greatly minimized with role-based user permission safeguards that allow access to documents only by authorized parties. An audit trail feature allows managers to see who has viewed or modified a document, and alerts can be applied if a manager wants to be notified when a document is accessed. The document automation industry has now implemented safeguards against serious digital security threats, such as malware and ransomware. To protect against data loss, automated document systems can run encrypted data backups to a remote, secure server at specified intervals.


Commercial real estate costs represent a significant overhead expense for most organizations, and costs continue to rise. Every square foot of office space holds value and costs money. Physical filing cabinet systems and file storage rooms consume valuable real estate. When your documents are stored and backed up electronically, you can free up the space for that conference room or workout area you’ve been wanting.


Most organizations have a document recovery plan, in case of a physical disaster, such as a tornado, flood or fire. For paper storage systems to accomplish this, owners often opt for a combination of off-site backup document storage and digital archiving. Dedicating time and money to these activities is unnecessary when automated systems have the ability to electronically back up all of your files remotely. Manual document management, with all of its inefficiency and paper churning, has met its match. Proper document management software can raise your organization’s level of productivity, security and professionalism. Together, these advantages have the potential to boost your bottom line and position your organization as a leader in your industry.


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